Now for Allegri, the strikers come first

Now for Allegri, the strikers come first

Turin – Attackers first. Not an election slogan, but a declaration of intent. It was signed directly by Max rejoice. for him Juventusis able to achieve the best start from the championship blocks since the championship days I will see (Not exactly a feat, given the travails of recent seasons…), she’s back to show off her firepower. This is told by a game that has managed to involve the offensive ends of the board more, as attested by the indisputable numbers. In this first part of the season, in fact, the Bianconeri were driven by the goals of their main attacking duo, With four hits each Vlahovic And church In the first six roundswhile Melik Before Lychee He made the most of the first chance from the kick-off given to a substitute for the Serbian and Italian.

Juventus, unlike last year

The resulting nine goals account for up to 82% of the team’s total turnover, since then – exceeding the own goal of Vienna In the tragic match away from home Reggio Emilia – In the remaining sections, they have so far followed the path of goals only Rabiot (In his first appearance in Udine) And Danilo (Decisive in deciphering the transfer Empoli). A figure in marked contrast to the year recently consigned to the archives, when the more powerful attacking positions accounted for just over half of the total goals scored by the Bianconeri. The top scorer in the dressing room was Vlahovic himself, who scored 14 goals in all competitions, followed closely by Milik (9). Ken And Maria (8) and the church (4). A total of 43 goals out of 80 overall, a percentage that stopped at just 54%. However, in its ideal version, Juventus proposed a 4-3-3 formation with three strikers on the field at the same time.

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