LIVE EL – You are so beautiful, Virtus Bologna! Fifth win in a row, 93-81 against Efes Istanbul

LIVE EL – You are so beautiful, Virtus Bologna!  Fifth win in a row, 93-81 against Efes Istanbul

Bologna’s fifth consecutive victory, defeating Istanbul 93 to 81 on the sixth day of the Euroleague.

The third defeat in a row for Efes, who emerges defeated due to his terrible recovery and lack of attention, especially when rebounding.

32 for 25 in rebounds for the Bianconeri and 8 for 14 in the decisive match for Virtus’ victory.

MVP of the match Shengelia had 19 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, 17 points for Belinelli, 14 points and 6 rebounds for Dunston, and 10 points and 5 rebounds for Mikey, the heroes of the victory.

On the other hand, Larkin scored 16 points, Boboa had 17 points, and Zizic had 15 points and 3 rebounds, which could not win the game.

With this victory, Virtus rises to tenth place in third place, while Efes Istanbul remains with four points and falls to fourteenth place in the standings.

Here is the live report of the meeting. To update the live stream, refresh the page or click F5.

End of match Virtus 93 – EFES 79

40′ Jones dunks in the alley-oop, last basket of the game

39′ Smith from three, what a virtus

39′ Larkin makes it 2/2 but it’s too late

39′ Pagula scores a hat-trick 90-77 +13

38′ Bryant scores, Virtus continues to go to the line Shengelia scores two more goals 87-77

38′ Larkin 2/2 on the line, Mickey scores from outside the area Jones 1/2 as the match stops 85-75

37′ Beaubois 2/2 With three players remaining, Cordiner’s good penetration of the basket 84-73

37′ Larkin scores 2/2 and Mickey imitates Shengelia and is exposed to an unsportsmanlike foul 82-71 +12

37′ Stopped by Cordiner with a foul 2/2 79-69

36′ Bryant passes from behind 78-69

36′ Efes does not score two goals, Dobrić goes to the goal line 1/2

35′ Shengelia in the position is relentless 77-67 New +10

34′ Shengelia from the bottom, an attacking error in favor of Efes 75-67

34′ Zizic dunks from below with both hands twice 73-67

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33′ Dobrić in cost, Virtus escapes at +10 73-63 minutes Istanbul

32′ Claiborne scores 1/2 at the line 71-63

31′ Kakok dunks on a Shengelia foul 71-62

End of the third quarter Virtus Bologna 69 – EFES 62

30′ Eavis and Kakuk lose the ball in a dive

29′ Dobrik hacks the hook 67-62

29′ Zizic from under 65-62

28′ Larkin scores and Cordiner imitates him 65-60 +5

28′ Eaves loses the ball with a step violation, Belinelli gets three more free throws 62-58 +4

27′ Great defense from Virtus, Mickey is positioned in the penalty area, 1/2 on the 60-58 +2 line.

26′ Mickey from three, great shot from Shengelia, Thompson responds immediately with the same coin, still +1 59-58

25′ Virtus grabs two rebounds in attack and Shengelia scores 2/2 +1 56-55 on the line

25′ Thompson’s three-pointer puts Eaves ahead

25′ Zizic scores, Shengelia scores 2/2, Dunstone stops 54-52

24′ Dunstone equalizes thanks to Shengelia’s 50-50 breakthrough, Virtus counterattack, Smith down 52-50 min Eavis

23′ Captain Belinelli reduces the score to 3/3 48-50 -2

22′ Smith makes two goals 45-49 and Claiborne scores 1/2 45-50

21′ Dunston from the bottom, Jones mimics it 43-49

End of the first half Virtus 41- EFES 45

19′ Beaubois again, Shengelia down Virtus 41-45

Minute 19, classic Belinelli exit, three points 39-43

18′ Shengelia is obstructed during the breakout, scoring 2/1

18′ Segafredo Arena warms up after questionable whistles, Claiborne scores 2/2 35-43

18′ Dunstone without under but Eavis maintain a 35-42 lead

17′ Claiborne scores two free throws and Larkin does not back down

16′ Pagula finds Belinelli under the basket and Zizic’s basket and a foul 33-38

16′ Great pass from Smith to Dunstone 31-33 Larkin responds immediately 31-35

15′ Pagula forces a turnover and Dunston scores the basket from a throw-in, first half score 5-0 per minute Istanbul 29-33

14′ Smith with the vital hat-trick after time-out 27-33

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14′ Bryant scores another hat-trick from the corner with the ball going to the rim 24-33 Partial timeout 9-0 Segafredo

14′ Claiborne scores a basket and a foul, first escaping Efes 24-30

13′ Bobois on the weak side continues not to miss a shot, another triple 24-27

12′ Jones is perfect on the 2/2 line, Dobrik shoots and shoots from mid-range

11′ Claiborne stretches to +2 but responds and equalizes Smith

11′ Beaubois seemed to equalize immediately

End of the first quarter Virtus Bologna -EFES 20-18

9′ – Dunk from Zizic, a fast match full of mistakes

8′ – Great ball from Shengelia to Micky who shoots, 18-16

8′ – After a rebound, the Turks attack with Boboa from a hat-trick

7′ – Great serpentine and dunk by Shengelia

6′ – Great dunk from Dunstone, 14-13

5′ – Jones scores, Efes leads again 11-10

4′ – Belinelli with the hat-trick, 10-0 partial 10-6 Virtus.

2′ – Toko basket and foul, from the free throw but a rebound from Dunston and a three-pointer from Belinelli 6-5

2′ – Buboa another hat-trick 6-0

1′ – Eavis’ first attack with Larkin’s first hat-trick, Virtus shot

1′ The lofted ball begins

The first five on the pitch for Virtus: Pagula, Cordiner, Belinelli, Shengelia and Dunstone, while the five for Eavis are Thompson, Larkin, Claiborne, Willis and Jones.

8.30pm Achille Polonara is out for Virtus Bologna, Bruno Mascolo and Leo Minallo are not called up, while Dogus Ozdemiroglu and Erkan Yilmaz GTD are out for Efes.

8.25pm: Home side Virtus are currently fifth in the standings going into this match and have won at Asvel by a score of 87 to 84.

On the other hand, the visitors came out of a bad defeat in Piraeus against Olympiacos 75 to 57.

8.20pm, the teams are already warming up on the pitch before the second ball, it’s the first match this year at the Virtus-Segafredo Stadium, and last year in the debut at this stadium in Europe against Alba Berlin, there was a win for Virtus.

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8.15pm Coach Banshee’s words on the eve of the race “There is great anticipation for this race, we have arrived on an emotional wave of four successive successes but with the knowledge that we will be facing one of the favorites of the Formula 4 race. We hope that it will be an exciting and attractive match, able to give our fans another joy and achievement, Because that’s what it is like when you find yourself facing teams with Eavis’ talent and experience.”

The words of the former Dunston player in the previous match: “We are playing against my old club, Evies, a team with a great history and a lot of success recently, with a lot of talent, it will be difficult for us.” For them to come here. They will be hungry, they lost the last game, so we have to bring a lot of energy, and play together with a strong defensive presence. “We have to play together. It’s also our first game in the new stadium, so it will be great to have all the fans here to support us, and we will do our best.”

20:10 Statements by Efes coach Erdem Can in the match presentation: “Virtus-Segafredo Bologna is a team that plays very consistent basketball in both the Euroleague and in the Italian Championship and has a winning mentality. We will play away from home in a very difficult atmosphere. We have to focus for 40 minutes.”

8.00 PM Good evening friends of the Basketball Planet, from your correspondent David Trippi directly from the Virtus Segafredo Arena, ready to inform you via direct text message about the match of the sixth day of the Euroleague between Virtus Bologna and Efes Istanbul.

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