“But what do you know?”

suggestion Redevelopment of San Siro It's “another way to do nothing.” She is convinced of that Barbara Berlusconi, Who tried ten years ago, when he was CEO of Milan, to own the stadium, and now raises doubts about the reality of that restoration The historical system creates less inconvenience. “The project seems generic and far-fetched to me. From the in-depth studies we have conducted, The cost of making a new one is lower“Real Madrid will spend more than a billion dollars to renovate the Bernabéu, with costs close to a billion dollars,” said the director and CEO of H 14 Holding, in an interview with ANSA news agency, considering the estimated amount of 300 million “a very low and unreliable figure: Real Madrid will spend more than a billion dollars to renovate the Bernabéu, with costs approaching a billion dollars.” Double compared “With expectations.”

And to the journalists who asked him to respond. Milan Mayor Beppe Sala He replied: “But what does Barbara Berlusconi know? Everyone can have their say, but what do you know? “Let those who know how to work workIt does not necessarily mean that it is me – he added on the sidelines of the ceremony for the biennial of the Winter Olympics -, I can't make an assessment either. But if everyone has an opinion now, go ahead!”

Responding to those who asked him if now what Vittorio Sgarbithe main supporter of Tie in Meazzahe announced resignation As undersecretary, the municipality could change its mind. “No,” Sala replied. We will not withdraw the appeal regarding the restrictions imposed on the second circuit at San Siro. For us, this was also a necessary measure, because we were convinced that the restriction did not apply. But I think the constraint will be there as I said before, whether it is Vittorio Sgarbi or not.” Regarding A Meet the teams After the proposed renovation of the San Siro, the mayor made it clear that it could be held next week And in the meantime there are phone calls. He concluded: “The main thing for them is the ability to do the work without leaving San Siro. This is the real issue – he concluded -.” I do not want to be optimistic or pessimistic until this point becomes clear. If the possibility of completing the work at that stage had been made clear, I would have become optimistic. I I don't think teams are negative about staying».

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Barbara Berlusconi For Milan in 2014-15 was imagining A facility in the city, instead of Pavilions 1 and 2 of the Milan Expo, with hotels, restaurants and stadiums. The Vieira Foundation approved the plan, which the residents instead opposed, but then everything stopped. “I am happy to open the discussion. In fact, these years have not passed entirely in vain – says the former Prime Minister's daughter -: more and more people have become aware of the absolute Need to build a new structure And improve the quality of the football product. Football in Italy is an economic sector capable of involving 12 different product sectors in the value chain activation, with an indirect and induced impact on the Italian GDP of €10.2 billion and more than 112,000 jobs.

“For Barbara Berlusconi”Years were wasted thinking more about political interests More than the needs of sports and industry, football, which is one of the most important industries in the country.” The exact file is on Mayor Beppe Sala’s desk. “Download everything toMunicipal administration Seems reductive and partly useful to me. The topic – notes the CEO of the holding company H 14 – relates to the state system and its desire not to make decisions, not to improve the structures. “Bureaucracy and inadequate laws hinder the modernization of football.”

San Siro needs it, according to Silvio Berlusconi's daughter. “It's not functional: it's decadent, uncomfortable and underserved. Whoever frequents the second and third episodes knows this very well – he explains -. Narrow, uncomfortable seats and endless slopes. There is a lack of adequate services Bar and toilets On high. Even some sectors of the third ring are inaccessible.” In this scenario “it is inevitable” that Milan and Inter will separate. “Coexistence is not very practical, a big city like Milan can have multiple stadiums,” asserts Barbara Berlusconi.

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Better go to Milan San Donato? “I've always been in favor of a stadium in the city. But after years of fruitless discussions, it is right to look for other paths.” Citizen protests Against regulations in residential areas “only happens in Italy. Outside, they will be happy if a stadium is built nearby, knowing that the area will be redeveloped, with more services, more security, and the value of their homes will rise. They happened The same protests during the construction of Porta Nuova and City Life“It then became the calling card of the new Milan and famous places appreciated all over the world.”

Berlusconi responded to the mayor

Regarding Mayor Sala’s words, Barbara Berlusconi responded: “It is unfortunate that Mayor Sala reacts to something that is not actually me. But almost all insiders believe. Regarding my experience, I would like to point out that I worked for 3 years on the subject of stadiums with the largest international design, construction and renovation companies for the most important stadiums in the world. Moreover, I personally followed the last and most important renovation of the San Siro with the representatives of Inter, for the 2016 Champions League Final.” And again: “I respect the mayor for the many things he is involved in on a daily basis, but I would say that it has been wasted.” A lot of time on the stadium issue.” For Barbara Berlusconi “A lot of time has been wasted considering that the clubs have expressed their desires since 2019. I have read the renovation project and – he repeats – I stress that I think that is not possible».

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February 6, 2024

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