October 3, 2022

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The Three Speeds – Culture of the earthquake in Abruzzo between science, legislation and political proposal

book view”The three speeds. Paths of earthquake culture in Abruzzo between science, legislation and political proposal” for Fabrizio Galadini (Alif Publisher, 2021).

Initiative – organized by associationsARCI – Mobile Territories” And the “rest assured– It will take place from 16.45 In the Nicolas Erti’s roomlocated in Via Ginserico Fontana, in front of the carabinieri barracks in Avezzano.

Book presentation – which the author will attend Fabrizio Galadini The historian will preserve it Mauro Canali. work coordination Antonio M (Archival/Kirk Editions).

Fabrizio Galadini He is director of research at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. He teaches “Geology for Earthquake Hazards” at Roma Tre University. He conducts geological, geological, and historical seismology research aimed at seismic characterization of areas and identification of human responses to environmental criticality.

Three Speeds eventually comes out in other Galadini books (recently, ripple effects of earthquake guardian Marsica 1915-L’Aquila 2009. A Century of ReconstructionAs the author states in the introduction, it represents the synthesis of his personal experience regarding a general concept of earthquake culture.

The book presentation will also be broadcast live through page Facebook For the association “Arci – Territori in Movimento”Available at this link:


or on the channel Youtubeon this link:

Summary from the book

The broad definition of earthquake culture includes scientific research and implementation of its findings to update the regulatory framework and educate citizens about seismic hazards.

The contribution of science stems from a long history of geological research on the causes of earthquakes in the Abruzzo lands. This is accompanied by a growing commitment by researchers to training and informing citizens of Abruzzo earthquake defense issues.

The second aspect, using scientific progress to the benefit of civil society, is the evolution of seismic classification over a century. Its update was not constant, but conditioned by periodic shaking and subsequent damage.

Finally, the degree of knowledge and awareness of risk on the part of citizens is measured in the limited concern for seismic hazards and building safety. This tendency arises from the planning of the political actions – which reflect the tendencies of the population – which are the subject of the programs in the municipalities of Abruzzo.

Therefore, the concept of three speeds represents aspects of earthquake culture: the stability of the progress of scientific knowledge, the instability of the remarkable development of legislation, and the slow growth of awareness and conscience among citizens.

Three speeds
Paths of earthquake culture in Abruzzo between science, legislation and political proposal

author: Fabrizio Galadini

Conclusion: Massimiliano Stucci

Coverage: Giuseppe Pantaleo

publisher: Alif Publisher

ISBN: 9788894251012

© 2021: Alif Publisher

Pages: 200

Size: 17 x 24 cm

20 EUR


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