Ryder Cup, next stop is New York. Idea of ​​Tiger Woods Captain USA

Ryder Cup, next stop is New York.  Idea of ​​Tiger Woods Captain USA

Rome -Next stop, Farmingdale, i.e. Long Island, i.e. New York and surrounding areas. There, at Bethpage Black, will be one of the toughest courses in America United State In two years they will be seeking revenge for this clear defeat (16.5 to 11.5) but not as heavy as was thought for a day and a half. According to the text, when Golf Returning to glorifying individualism, not team play (i.e. in doubles “four-ball” matches where everyone plays with their own ball without having to worry about their partner’s shots and obviously in the final 12 singles matches), the USA did their best, reaching second place . Point makingEurope, despite the large accumulated advantage. But they remain too far behind to really hope to win again on the road after 30 years of defeats. So they will have to wait until 2027, when they will play in Limerick, Ireland, on the beautiful field around Adare Manor Castle.

Ryder Cup in Europe, and Fleetwood finished the match with the United States early. The crowd storms the field

By Mattia Chiusano

To get an idea of ​​what golf is like in the United States and how painful these defeats and thirty years of distant outbursts are for its fans, just consider that in the New York metropolitan area alone there are about 300,000 golfers, three times more than the total players from all over Italy. . And when winter limits activity, New Yorkers have Chelsea Pier at their disposal to stay fit, a massive, multi-level, heated, fully automated training field created from an old ship docking dock. There are approximately 25 million practitioners throughout the country. Thus, a sport that is huge and profound, it is certainly not a niche discipline as it is still perceived in our region. After all that Bethpagewhich will be hosted Ryder Cup 2025 It is a public tournament, open to everyone, and included in a set of six that can be played by anyone for tens of dollars. The “black” is the most difficult course, just like the black ski slope, to the point that it is off-limits to less experienced golfers who may slow the game down excessively.

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Ryder Cup, that’s what happened in the near-McIlroy brawl. Northern Irishman: ‘There will be a bonfire on Sunday’

By Mattia Chiusano

After quite a few controversies arising from the erratic behavior of the American case holder and the very active reaction McIlroy Which upset him when he made the decisive and unfortunate final shot on Saturday, the atmosphere in Bethpage will be electric and you can be sure the Americans will start planning the rematch from tomorrow. There’s a rumor going around that he might be the next captain Tiger wood, the legend, who has now been forced to make sporadic appearances due to the aftermath of a dramatic road accident in 2021. He would be the perfect man to revive American pride. With the final partial recovery of the current captain Zach Johnson He has avoided the farce of being called the worst team captain ever. But his team’s performance was too disappointing in 8 out of 12 doubles matches to fully salvage their image. Once the matches are over, it should be noted that the average positions in the world rankings were 12 for Team USA and up to 29 for Team Europe. Enormity: Yet it has the best. But these numbers regarding the total number of players also tell us another aspect: if the number of players competing is not limited to 12, there will probably not be a match at all. Fortunately for Europe, this is the formula and no one will touch it.

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