The video ends up on social media

The video ends up on social media

A disturbing incident of classroom violence during a lesson: A teacher was directly hit by a steel chair thrown by a student. The incident that occurred at the school was immortalized in a video clip that was later spread on social media by students.

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The professor was hit by a chair in class

In photos taken at Flint Southwestern Academy High School in the US state of Michigan, the moment can be clearly seen when the teacher falls to the ground and hits his head with a chair thrown by the student.

The high school girl was having a heated discussion with a classmate. The two were insulting each other and the teacher intervened to try to restore calm, but she got the worst of it: she was hospitalized, but fortunately was released the same day.

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevlin Jones said the student “will be subject to the law” for her actions. Despite the painful accident, the teacher decided to return to teaching.

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