Pay attention where you look when you shop! The trick to saving is in sight

Pay attention where you look when you shop!  The trick to saving is in sight

There’s a money-saving trick when shopping that many people ignore: here’s what it is and why it’s important to know.

Saving is a must in this time. Nowadays, going shopping has become a challenge Prices of basic foodstuffs have become incredibly high. Even purchasing bread, pasta and milk can be an economic commitment.

Saving on your groceries, here is the trick you should not forget (

That’s why it’s essential to know Some tricks to save on your groceries. In fact, there is something that many ignore but is widely used in any supermarket and mini market. Which one is it? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The trick to saving money when shopping: something that many people underestimate

It’s not about a trick, it’s about… Real marketing strategy That businesses apply to earn more. In fact, it is a technique that is applied based on research and studies on consumer habits. This strategy is often known as Shelf marketingliterally “marketing on the shelf.”

Saving on groceries, the thing that should not be forgotten (

Arrange products on shelves. That’s right, products are not randomly placed on different shelves but By following a very specific order.

at medium height, So at 1.50 meters or sosuggested The most expensive products on the shelf. You can easily understand why: When you walk down the aisles of a commercial establishment, these are the products that immediately catch your eye because they are easy to see. As a result, most people will be convinced to take it without thinking twice.

slight decrease, Between 1 meter and 1.20 metres i was found Slightly less expensive products Or you may find ones that appeal to children who reach that height. the Less expensive products Instead they are found below, On the last shelfone at a height equals 60 cm. This is because no one notices them in this position.

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Similarly, The cheapest products are on the first shelfthe longest one, a Height equal to or greater than 1.80 metres. Again, very few people will notice the cheap products at such a high altitude which is why they are placed there.

Now that they know each other Tricks in sales psychology All that’s left to do is Apply it and save spending. Thanks to these suggestions you will be able to achieve Great economic saving And always buy cheap items.

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