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13:42 Another Shuster rejection on the central red.

13:41 One pass for Moussaner who complains about the stones not turning.

13:40 Bliss’ double failure exists, but it’s not perfect. A red Italian stone remained inside.

13:39 Mosaner removes the two yellow stones from the center, now only the two red ones are left. Shuster suggests trying to remove both.

13:38 Bliss puts another high guard to the left.

13:37 Arman relies on a tall yellow Hamilton, a situation that’s hard to explain.

13:36 Hamilton “surrounds” the red stone, there are two yellow stones around now.

13:35 Arman made a good choice this time! He sets the center stone and now the point is his.

13:34 A center stone placed by Hamilton behind the guards.

13:34 Giovannila’s attempt was too strong and she’s gone.

13:33 The second American stone is perfectly aligned, this time very cautiously.

13:33 Great goalkeeper for Giovannila.

13:32 Landsteiner starts at the third end, and a slightly long guard attempt remains.

13:30 The colon arrived. The United States is leading 1-2 after two games against Italy.

13:29 A simple rejection of Returnnaz, at this point is enough for Shuster to push the Americans forward.

13:28 Shuster pulls long on the white circle, on the midfield. Another stone now.

13:27 Returnnaz hits the guard, but doesn’t take the other stone. It is possible to use two points in the hands.

13:26 I stayed inside Bliss Stone to the left.

13:25 Masanir throws a yellow stone.

13:24 Another American stone on the left was placed by Bliss.

13:24 Arman almost overlooked the guard, the wrong call, though, from Masanir.

13:23 Hamilton sees stone slip away after rejection, good news for Italy.

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13:23 Arman stone risks escaping, stay right after failure.

13:22 Hamilton unsuccessfully removes the red stone from the center.

13:21 The guard is also placed by Arman, much higher.

13:20 This time Landsteiner changes direction, guarding to the left.

13:20 Reboccia of Giovanella.

13:19 Landsteiner pass.

13:18 The second end begins, Giovannila immediately moves to the red circle.

13:17 There is a coup! Italy takes the point home despite the imperfect finish!

13:16 Schuster finds a great solution in the center on the red circle. It will take a rejection to make this point clear.

13:14 Retornaz removes the outer stone to try and put his red in the middle, but the force is too much. You’ll have to look for one soon.

13:13 Shuster fails, but his stone comes out.

13:12 Make a simple pass from Mosaner but he was hoping to make the stone spin a bit. Two of their teams remained.

13:12 Plys rejects the red Mosaner stone halfway between a blue and white circle.

13:11 Good play for Moussaner who missed the yellow stones.

13:11 The Plys stone will probably stay short, it just crosses the red line, but it’s not quite the right move.

13:10 Arman opens the game.

13:10 Hamilton places a second stone not far from the center.

13:09 Arman double failure, two yellow chambers disappear.

13:09 Hamilton put his stone on the blue circle, and he wanted to do something better.

13:08 Giovannila left a Landsteiner stone at home, making her mistake appear.

13:07 Landsteiner stone sends Giovannila away.

13:06 Giovannila places her first stone just above the center.

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13:05 Landsteiner starts and immediately places a guard not far from the circuits.

13:04 We’re now close to the start, and the final warm-up stages!

13:03 Italy line up Giovannila instead of Gonen, the rest of the team unchanged. Azure will be the last stone.

13:02 All participating teams today enter the National Aquatics Center.

12:59 The latest preparations are underway in China before the start.

12:56 We are now less than ten minutes from the start as far as Italy and the United States are concerned.

12:53 Italy’s next two matches, after the match with the United States, will be about comparisons with Denmark (tomorrow, 7:05) and Norway (Thursday, 2:05).

12:50 We also remember the contemporary matches of this match: Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, China and the Russian-Canadian Olympic Committee.

12:47 Already in the semi-finals there is Sweden, which beat Denmark 8-3 at night. Instead, the ROC and Switzerland lost, but the last of the states, which by winning could thus qualify by eliminating Italy at the same time.

12:44 We remember that at the moment the Azzurri are ninth in the standings with 1 win and 5 defeats.

12:41 In short, the Azzurri should have big hands from the other games: two wins for China max, max for Russia and Switzerland (and there’s also some cross-crossing in the last three games).

12:38 In addition to all the possible combinations for Italy in terms of remaining hopes to enter the semi-finals, it is this comparison that everything passes. In fact, the Italian team is obligated to win: defeat will automatically expel them.

12:35 Good end in the morning, or if you prefer in the early afternoon, to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to the live stream of the Italy-US match that is so worth a lot for the men’s curling tournament at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Italy qualifies for the semi-finals if…

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy and the United States, the match is valid for the men’s curling tournament at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The Azzurri return to the ice of the Chinese capital to face the Olympic champions in a decisive confrontation for the fate of the round robin: The tricolor quartet are forced to win if they are still hoping for a very tough qualification to the semi-finals.a goal that also needs many more joints than other scheduled meetings.

Joel Riturnaz and his teammates only beat Switzerland, losing five games at the Games. Italy wants to raise its head and will be called upon to take on tough Americans led by theatrical actor John Schuster: to win and remain bound by the resilient hope of transcending the role. It will be necessary to play a heavy game, without errors and with great character, without dread and hope for a good performance.

OA Sport brings you live stream from Italy and the US, a valid match for the men’s curling tournament at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Log events in real time, minute by minute, end by end, stone by stone, so you don’t really miss anything. It starts on 13.05.2007. I listen.

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