The Spanish government indicates that 372 are direct beneficiaries of the amnesty law

The Spanish government indicates that 372 are direct beneficiaries of the amnesty law

Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Felix Bolañospraised the amnesty law approved Thursday in the Congressional Justice Committee after approval by the PSOE, Junts and ERC for being “deeply European,” which ensured that It will cover 372 people. In an interview on Friday on TV3, he stressed that the current version of the text, which will be approved by the plenary session of the House of Representatives next week, is “deeply constitutional, but also deeply European, based on the best values.” “And by the best European standards.” He attributed this to the well-known “Opportunity of the Venice Commission Report” last week, through which a law was strengthened that will benefit a total of 372 people with pending criminal cases arising from the process.

Good law for everyone

Likewise, he defended that in addition to the direct beneficiaries, “the absolute beneficiary of this law will be the Catalan community and it will also be the Spanish community”, a fact that, in his opinion, will over time be of greater value. Accuracy He said this in response to a question whether the current amnesty includes the case investigated by National Court Judge Manuel García Castellon on Democracy tsunamiwhere he confirmed that “all of them are included” as they were already in the version of the law put to a vote in January and rejected by Junts.

Catalan independence

Regarding the fact that both the ERC and Junts do not rule out holding a future referendum, Bolaños stressed that with the amnesty, from the PSOE, they are not asking the pro-independence parties to stop doing so, although he considers Catalonia “isolated from Spain and cut off from the Union.” “The European Union is bad news for the Catalans.” “What I want is for us to realize that we have to practice politics within institutions,” he said, a fact with which, in his opinion, the vast majority of Catalans agree.

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Approval of budgets

The minister, who was questioned during the negotiations on the state budget, confirmed that he saw a “willingness to speak out” among the Socialist parliamentary allies at the conference, among them the ERC and Junts. He stressed that “there is a will to talk, negotiate and agree that there will be general budgets for the state and therefore there will be another three and a half years for the legislative body.”

Today, Thursday, exile President Carles Puigdemont celebrated the agreement on the amnesty law, which represents “a very important step to end the repression” against independence, and the bet on negotiating “piece by piece” with the Spanish government, from budgets to self-determination. This came in a message on the “X” social website, after the Congressional Justice Committee gave the green light to the proposed amnesty law.

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