150 million for youth and women

150 million for youth and women

Thursday 24 March 2022

Privileges for innovative projects

Opens today at 12 o’clock An application office for young people and women who want to start new businesses across the country, through concessions with interest-free loans and non-repayable contributions.

This is what was published by the decree issued by the Ministry of Economic Development, which is refinancing it 150 million In euros allocated by the budget law 2022 measure “On new interest-free companiesWhich aims to support the creation and development of Micro and Small Business Comprised principally or wholly of small Between 18 and 35 years old or from woman From all ages.

Support can be requested by companies that aim to implement new initiatives or expand, diversify or transform existing activities in the manufacturing, service, trade and tourism sectors.

With the resources already allocated by the Budget Law, the Ministry of Economic Development aims to support the skills and creativity of young people and women who want to start new entrepreneurial activities and implement innovative projects.Minister Giancarlo announced Giorgiti which has already decided to increase funding for the “Beyond New Business Without Interest” scale of intervention to support women entrepreneurs through 100 million from euro PNRR . number.

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