Russia and China are not abandoning Putin after Prigozhin’s false attack

Russia and China are not abandoning Putin after Prigozhin’s false attack

China supports Russia “in safeguarding its national stability.” This is the position of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the uprising led by Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin against the Russian leadership. “As a close friend and global strategic cooperative partner of the new era, China supports Russia in safeguarding national stability and achieving development and prosperity,” said a statement on the coup against Moscow. Finally, the ministry added that what is happening in Russia is an “internal matter”.

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On the other hand, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that China expressed its support for the measures taken by the Russian leadership to stabilize the internal situation after yesterday’s Wagner Group rebellion. “The Chinese side expressed its support for the efforts of the leadership of the Russian Federation to stabilize the situation in the country in connection with the events of June 24 and renewed its interest in promoting Russia’s cohesion and prosperity,” the statement said. meeting below. In Beijing between Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko. The dragon does not abandon the Tsar of Moscow.

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