The most important international news of the year

The most important international news of the year
The conflict between Israel and Hamas broke out in 2023. Photo: Europe Press

The year 2023 is coming to an end, and so it is Time to summarize and compile information Who tagged on Agenda for the last 12 months.

Catalonia Press This year’s compilation begins with the most relevant contents of the sectioninternational.

The year was marked by war conflicts. If you started last year Ukraine warWith the invasion of Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin At the beginning of February, the conflict was not over yet.

However, it is the war conflict that occupies the largest media space The war between Israel and HamasWhich began last October 7 and claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people.

The conflict broke out after an attack by the Islamic Group while a group of Israelis were celebrating Sukkot.

Despite numerous attempts to stop the war (there were even days of ceasefire to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid), the attacks still continue. It is the latest episode in a conflict dating back to the middle of the last century.

Earthquakes: The world shakes in Türkiye, Syria and Morocco

This year we have also witnessed tragedies due to seismic phenomena in many parts of the planet, but the most tragic are those that occurred on the border between Syria and Turkey and more recently in Morocco.

a In Syria and Turkey, the deaths were counted in the tens of thousandswith massive destruction also to buildings, instead The number of people killed in Morocco was much lower.

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Hurricane Millie

On the political level, there are few names that signify a transformation as great as the one that has occurred Javier Miley. Controversial leader Freedom advances He was the one who received the largest number of support in the first round of the presidential elections, but that was not enough for him to become president of Argentina.

However, in mid-November He won the second round of elections for Javier Massa He assumed the position on December 12 last.

COP 28, before and after fossil fuels?

It was also recently completed Conference of the Parties 28a meeting of countries from all over the world with the aim of combating climate change on the agenda.

Although days passed without any noticeable improvement appearing, Late on the last day the expected agreement arrived.

As often happens after such appointments, it remains to be seen whether the commitments made will become reality, going beyond mere words and declarations of intent.

Farewell to Kissinger, the main figure in the Cold War

Politics and the world of international relations have lost, in 2023, a figure without whom the second half of the twentieth century cannot be understood: Henry Kissinger.

The German-born former Secretary of the US State Department died at the age of 100 last November at his home in Connecticut.

Regulating artificial intelligence

The other question that represents (and will characterize) the technological agenda of the whole world is The first legislation for artificial intelligence.

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It was the European Union that, at the beginning of this month, wanted to impose the first ban on this tool, for the present but also for the future.

This fact puts the European Union at the forefront of the world, beating giants such as the United States, China and the United Kingdom in the race to regulate and use it.

The Titanic’s voyage ends in tragedy

Finally, the company’s expedition was among the news that generated the most interest OceanGate missionswith a submarine that wanted to visit the remains of the Titanic ship sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Titan submarine, with 5 people on board, stopped responding to the signals last Monday, June 19, and days later, the US Coast Guard confirmed that it had found the remains of the vehicle and that all its crew members had been killed.

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