PS5 exclusive Starfield? This is also why Microsoft bought Bethesda

PS5 exclusive Starfield?  This is also why Microsoft bought Bethesda

Phil Spencer has it announce, in the context of FTC vs. Microsoft regarding its acquisition of Activision Blizzard Among the reasons Xbox decided to acquire ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda, was concern that Starfield would only be released on PlayStation.. As we know, Starfield is now an Xbox exclusive with its debut on September 6th.

The head of Microsoft Gaming said so Sony regularly pays software companies not to appear on Xbox. In order to stay competitive, Microsoft felt the need to make Bethesda its own. “When we acquired ZeniMax, that was one of the drivers behind the deal Sony made a deal with Deathloop and Ghostwire… and paid Bethesda not to bring these games to XboxSpencer said.

So, When we learned that Starfield could also be skipped by XboxWe couldn’t stay in our third console position in the market as we were further behind in our content ownership, so We had to secure the content to stay in business“.

It’s not clear at this time if Sony is negotiating for a temporary exclusivity, entering into a private agreement, or making the game a full and permanent exclusivity. And, of course, it is not even clear whether Microsoft’s concerns have been founded.

When Microsoft acquired ZeniMax for $7.5 billion, it promised some Xbox and PC exclusives would arrive. So far we’ve seen Redfall, then it’s Starfield’s turn and we’ve learned that an Indiana Jones game will also only be released on Xbox in the console arena.

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As for The Elder Scrolls VI, Phil Spencer has yet to confirm whether or not it will be an exclusive. “I guess we weren’t quite clear on what platforms it would be releasing due to how long the game would beSpencer said.It is difficult for us now to say for sureSpencer has previously hinted that The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive, but the game is still far from a debut, There is talk of waiting at least another 5 years. It cannot be ruled out that it arrives thus, with the next generation of consoles expected to arrive around 2028.

in his testimony, The head of Xbox has painted Sony as an aggressive and hostile competitor. “Every time we release a game on PlayStation… Sony takes 30 percent of the revenue we make on their platform and then uses that money along with whatever other revenue they have to try to reduce Xbox’s survival in the marketSpencer said.We try to compete but, like I said, we haven’t been able to do that effectively over the last 20 years“.

In the past few hours, the Redmond House has been talking clearly about the lost “console war”.

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