“Rosano Rubicondi, there were problems but not health,” says Venier.

Sunday in

“Dominica N” presenter spoke about the death of the model, the ex-husband of Ivana Trump

death Rossano Rubicondi It continues to rock the world of television. The conductor and model from Rome died on October 29 of skin cancer. Among the many celebrities who have commented in recent days with emotion, the death of Rubicondi has been added Mara Venere. during a loop “Sunday in” On October 31, the presenter remembered her missing friend who revealed an important background.

Dedicated Venier A little space where he is at her head,Sunday in, to greet the form 49 years old. The memory of Rubicondi was broadcast in the program section dedicated to “Dancing with the starsAmong the guests in the studio present were Roberto Alessi, Ivan Zazzaroni, Alessandra Mussolini, Alba Baretti, Mimo Remigi and Fabio Galant, and dancers Maria Ermakova and Giada Linyi.

Morty Rubicondi, “He Had Problems”

The 71-year-old presenter, with a broken voice, spent a few words to her deceased friend, saying to herself “aghast“. Aunt Mara remarked that Rubicondi died at a very young age and “alone in New York And that, despite his marriage to Ivana Trump, the daughter of a businessman and former US President Donald Trump, he never tried to take advantage of the economic situation. Venere also mentioned the problems Rubicondi spoke a few months ago over dinner, without specifying his nature.

“I saw him a few months ago, we went to dinner together and he was always happy, even with problems. There were problems, he had problems, he had no health problems, or at least he didn’t say anything to anyone”

Rossano Rubicondi and his love for life

Mara Venier, then As did her friend Vladimir Luxoria, talk about Rubicondi as A cheerful man who loves life:

Rossano Rubicondi was a friend of mine, and he left at the age of 49. I’ve never known anyone who loved life more than him. I want to dedicate this video to Rossano

The Sunday program decided to honor the missing bandleader through a movie. It showed various moments in the life of Ivana Trump’s ex-husband, including his participation in “Dancing with the Stars As “Dancer for the Night” in 2018. On the character of Rubicondi, Novella 2000 director Roberto Alessi responded to Venier with the following:

I said okay, Mara. I love life like few others. He was able to pass this love on to you. With him mineral water became champagne

Alessi talked about Rubicondi as a man HassanNS “nice to anyone” Who gave a lot to his ex-wife Ivana Trump. The latter, Alessi explains, You’ll be by his side lately.

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