Science and showbiz in “All crazy for Antur”

Maria Luisa Konza, Pharmacist-biologist, is among 75 Italian Fellows in the Advanced Course “Cancer Genomics and Micro-oncology” at Harvard Medical School (pictured with actress Marta Bivano and dentist Domenico Munda “The King of Smile Aesthetics” at World Top Model 2021), an increasingly well-known and appreciated figure in the show-biz world; That’s thanks to Intour, a line of high-quality natural nutritional supplements, the result of rigorous and rigorous scientific research that she herself conducted as the company’s scientific director.

Strongly convinced of the intimate connection between cancer and nutrition, to be able to prevent and defeat the evil of the century even and on the table in the first place, Maria Luisa Konza personally takes care of creating “Antour” products that are meant to pursue the psyche. The Person Physicist, starting with the axiom Mens Sana in Corpore Sano by Carl Gustav Jung. In particular, “Antur” offers a wide range of supplements aimed at protecting and strengthening the immune system, necessary to deal with viral diseases, including first of all Covid 19, to control cholesterol and blood sugar up to the treatment and prevention of obesity Plus, there’s a specific line dedicated to “wellness.”

“All crazy for Antur”, and thus also in the world of entertainment and fashion where the perfect line, dazzling smile and a good dose of positivity are already in themselves a winning weapon for those who want to “hack” the catwalk or the lens of a movie camera.

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