Roof collapse, injuring at least 13

Roof collapse, injuring at least 13

a tornado It has caused havoc in the country North Carolina in the United States of America. At least 13 people were injured, and several buildings, including one, were damaged institution pharmaceutical company PfizerHalf of it was destroyed by the fury of the wind.

Hurricanes in North Carolina

A tornado made landfall Wednesday afternoon, July 19 in North Carolina, Nash County, with winds overhead. 240 km per hour.

The passage of the hurricane, reports CNNor destroyed or Extensive damage to many buildingsIncluding some homes and a factory for the drug company Pfizer.

Pfizer plant destroyed

Furious winds caused severe damage to the Pfizer plant Rocky Mountone of the largest corporations in the country, around where 4,500 people.

There were no injuries among the workers who were evacuated in time for the typhoon to hit. The pharmaceutical company says that checks are underway to determine the impact of the damage to production.

Videos captured from the helicopter show a file Curly roof From the factory and a series of Debris was scattered everywhere In the car park outside the building. Large quantities of medicines were stored in the warehouse.

At least 13 injured

According to at least a preliminary report prepared by local authorities in Nash County 13 people They stayed WoundsNot seriously because of the passing of the hurricane.

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Three other people were injured in the neighboring county of Edgecombe, two of them seriously.

Image source: 123RF / Twitter

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