Roma win the conference, over Feyenoord 1-0 – Sport

Roma win the conference, over Feyenoord 1-0 – Sport

Roma landed last night in Fiumicino after winning the league conference. Open the plane door, the captain’s back pilgrims, Excited, with the cup in hand, Cristante and Mancini follow, as well as Abraham holding a music box. Mourinho appeared with a red and yellow scarf in his hand. Ovation below by Giallorossi Airports fans. The team and staff then boarded the official team bus bearing the ‘Roma beat’ logo on the uniform, which – with an escort – left the airport via a secondary lane. There is no direct contact between the team and the fans. Thus, the wait in vain for more than a thousand fans of the team who waited for hours outside Terminal 5. As news spread of the players leaving the airport, the fans also returned home in dribbling and dribbling, not hiding a little. disappointment.

magical evening
Rome won in conference league, By beating Feyenoord 1-0 in the final. Zaniolo’s goal in the 32nd minute Pictures Orgasm in the Olympic Stadium Photo crowd party Photo

1-0 in Feyenoord, Rome wins the Conference League

Mourinho always wins. Despite those who – at least until tonight – have shrugged off the Congress League as a secondary competition, in Tirana there is a people in the midst of mass delirium and unlimited happiness: Rome has won Europe. Its return to success after 14 years of fasting (Coppa Italia 2008) also marks the return of Italian Cup success after twelve years. Of course, it’s not Mourinho’s 2010 tournament, but it’s a small starting point from which to start over. For Roma for sure, and maybe for Italian clubs too. The Giallorossi returned home with the second continental title in its history, the Conference League, after beating Feyenoord 1-0 with a goal from the rediscovered jewel Zaniolo, and to Jose Mourinho, another magic succeeds. It’s still him, the Special One who always flirts with the cups and now has 26 titles on the billboard. Including every potential European Championship, including the defunct Cup Winners’ Cup he won in 1997 as Barcelona’s assistant coach.

“Lots of things running through my mind at the same time. It’s been a great eleven months, and doing it right away. As I told the guys in Turin, we did what we had to do. Today we had to write history and we did.” Roma coach Jose Mourinho cries and rejoices After entering the history of the Giallorossi by invading the Congress League. “It was a competition in which we felt from the start that it was possible, did we beat the great Fernord? I still have no doubts, I want to stay here. We need to understand what our owners want to do, I am 100% Romanista.”

Rome celebrates Rome’s victory in the conferences league. Giallorossi flags and choirs in the streets of the center where thousands of fans flocked. From the outskirts of the historic Giallorossi, fans began to pour into the street before the whistle of the referee in Tirana, now victory was certain. Then they set out for the city center on this victory night.

“Now let’s celebrate, we deserve it. But the real team celebrates, and then it starts again: We must fix this moment in mind and then make it happen again as soon as possible. “So from the Tirana stadium, Lorenzo Pellegrini, the captain of Roma, rejoices in the final victory of the Conference League.” To the fans – the midfielder added to Sky, while the rest of the squad dances under the curve of the Tirana stadium occupied by the Giallorossi fans – we’ve given a small part of everything they gave us.”

Spinazzola ‘only one to win in Europe, great’
“Something cool and awesome, we’re having fun with these beautiful people.” Leonardo Spinazzola He recently returned to play for Roma after being injured, celebrates the conference with his fans and also talks about the national team: “They always gave me the passion – he adds the blue side – they were great as always. With Italy we will have it again, that’s great, we were the only Italian team who won the European Cup. Mancini, it was just about winning and we did it “There was no tomorrow, there was only tonight, it was just about winning and we did it.” defender of rome Gianluca Mancini He rejoices after the victory of the Giallorossi in Tirana. “In the first half they had few chances, in the second half I said to hang on and we risked going 2-0. It is a unique emotion, 31 years after winning a title like the Conference: We didn’t play a great game but we did well and we are enjoying this great victory.” “It’s amazing, I realized the dream I had when I was a kid. The fans are amazing, they’re amazing, that’s all for them.” These are the first words of Niccolo Zaniolo After winning the conference league in Tirana with Rome thanks to his goal. “We are a strong team – we probably don’t know how many. It is a team dedicated to my mum, grandfather, dad and sister who were close to me in difficult moments,” he added.

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Match story With Mourinho and his last tears, the thousands of Roma fans who filled half the stadium in Tirana, more than the number of rival fans, were finally recognized with joy. The songs, the dances, the beaming smile of Totti embracing his son Christian in the stands in a yellow and red scarf, a sense of being alive again, also because so many have never had a victory before. In the end, the Romanian captain and the Romanian, Lorenzo Pellegrini, raised the trophy in the middle of the field, to the tune of “We are the Champions” which was promptly replaced by “Tell me what it is” from the Romanian anthem of Antonello Vendetti Mourinho and Roma won the conference league because, as often happens in finals Whoever scores first wins and then finishes 1-0. Things went like this again this time, Zaniolo’s left touch in the 32nd minute of the first half was enough, with the help of Mancini and Traunner’s expectation: the chest stopped, touch and net, mocked Bigelow who seemed uncertain. So Roma, in whom Smalling dominated the defence, broke the spell and also overcame the handicap of Mkhitaryan’s loss after only 17 minutes due to discontent with the right quadriceps muscle. Roma in the win, Spinazzola recently entered also came back from a one year stand. In short, a look to the future. Present in Tirana, before the victory, he was suffering and mentally strong, because against Feyenoord who often had the ball but seemed indecisive, and also unfortunate when at the beginning of the second half he hit a pole and crossbar in five minutes, Roma had the advantage of overcoming their limitations and shortcomings. He won despite again revealing a bit of quality in midfield, in particular the lack of a man to organize the match, something Mourinho often asked about that manager. The Giallorossi, especially in the first half, pushed a lot on the wings precisely because in the middle they could not make a maneuver that would worry the opponents, in whose ranks Kocku (with the help of the Totti agency) who has few characteristics of a player who will serve there in the middle of the Giallorossi . On the other hand, the Phantom Dessers and Sinisterra were poorly neutralized by Rome’s defense. Absurd attacks from Feyenoord in the second half, who missed an opportunity with Linsen to recover, while from the stands behind Rui Patricio rained down a stick, inflatable bananas and a full bottle. Then, to take out one on the field was Rome, for the beautiful Tirana party, in the name of Mourinho

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