Inter 4-0 Cagliari, Cards Report: Barilla, what an answer! Lautaro makes up for it, Calha and Maravella

Manual 6 – Samir answers by presenting one of the few episodes of Sardinia.

Screeniar 7 – An important tactical weapon in the first half, his right climbs a lot and hits the goal twice.

Free 6.5 – The Dutch midfield is back and you can feel the difference. Perfect for any kind of situation.

sticks 6.5 – We come back from the break and Pasto decided to dodge the Cagliari defense. In addition, the usual cleanliness and elegance.

Dumfries 7 – In the first half he alternated between good things and mistakes but then… Dumfries appears. It takes advantage of the wilds and suits them well. It is worth the goal. And let’s not forget the penalty we got. (72′ Demarco 6 – The usual spirit by Inter and Nerazzurri Federico Dimarco.)

8 – stretcher But what a response to red Madrid! He preferred not to score at Cagliari: the promise was kept, too bad he’d get two great passes. We always want you Nico.

Brzovic 7 – What can we add to what has been said so far? It is crucial, in everything Inter do. A well-deserved standing ovation. (72′ Vidal 6 – He enters and approaches the recording.)

Calhanoglu 7.5 – He is the most important player now. Another pass from a standstill, and as if that weren’t enough, here’s a nice goal. one of. (75′ SENSI SV)

Percy 6 – He is not among the best of the Nerazzurri but we must congratulate Bellanova, who is able to keep up with the Croatian. (82 ‘ ZANOTTI SV)

Sanchez 7.5 – Lamborghini or not, El Niño is the Maravilla tonight. Volleyball, crossbar and terrifying vertical goals. Was it always like this…

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Lautaro 7 – a personality. Match as a real hero. He scores, misses a penalty and comes back hungrier. The two goals were topped by a beautiful second goal. Taurus, you’re there but maybe let’s think again about the penalties. (72′ Satriano 6 – Uruguay appeared again after some time).

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