Inter, Lukaku replacement bag: Taremi is there, Scamaka ticks, Balogun is the favorite | market

Inter, Lukaku replacement bag: Taremi is there, Scamaka ticks, Balogun is the favorite |  market

Do you love me or not. after discovering betrayal LukakuAnd Inter Browse the chrysanthemum to find its successor. There are many names running through the heads of Inter managers: some are possible, others less so, and one (or even two) of them has a mission. Collect the legacy of Dzeko and Big Rom now. In fact, the offensive section is completely unprotected. certainty Lautaro Martinez Marcus added swellingstole from the cousins ​​\u200b\u200bfirst summer affair, while on Toko Korea The granite realities of the past seem to be fading away. Indeed, for the right price, the Argentine could leave (in Saudi Arabia?) In which case the next market for drill bits will be more powerful and necessary.

bag – A lot of names were said. There is one favorite, though: it is Balogunstriker from arsenal It exploded in France and is now ready to make the big leap to the big one. There is no place for him in London, Arteta was clear, but me Arsenal They don’t want to sell and for it They ask for 40 million. Inter, who allocated about $ 35 to return Lukaku to Milan, is counting on an expensive player, but My future, which is both a technical and an economic investment and commands a completely different salary than that of a Belgian. The other appropriate option for the Nerazzurri administration would be a name Cisco. So young, with a great future, however, it is the flagship of Leipzigthe club he moved from Salzburg. Complete package inside Red Bullan expert workshop of future talents but too expensive and costly for Inter.

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the others – favorite My mood Instead it is Alvaro Morata Or at least a profile similar to the previous one Juventus. Experienced but still in the prime of his career, A-League connoisseur and ready-to-go. All of our big names searched a little for spanish: who Milan In the JuventusPasses through Rome Who seemed more convinced of the Atletico Madrid player. Mo and Dybala act as mediators and Alvaro, in order to return to Italy, would be willing to reduce his salary. On the other hand, the condition for his release, which it should be, is less clear Closer to 25 million Of the 12 we talked about a few weeks ago. Price and age are similar to Murata’s Tarimis. attacker harbor It expires in 2024 and for all intents and purposes represents an opportunity in the market. The Portuguese does not want to lose him to zero and will accept an offer this summer 20/25 million. Inter, who faced and beat him in the Champions League, know him well and keep him at the top of the list. In the same there too down But a player spices It would only be an option if saying goodbye to Correa, taking on a role Fourth tip. more detached Retegui Which you love genoa while a profile chess. Italian, for sale, friendly also on loan with a close friend and suitable for Vratesithe former Sassuolo is a track that can happen over the course of weeks.

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