Juventus 1-2 Sassuolo, Frattisi and Maxime Lopez mock Allegri- Corriere.it

Juventus 1-2 Sassuolo, Frattisi and Maxime Lopez mock Allegri- Corriere.it
from Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Turin

On the field a landslide victory for the Emilians, the decisive goal of the French striker in a full recovery. Allegri tries them all, McKinney’s network is not enough

Allegri screams, adrenaline on the field, attack change, A church that limps from the blows it has taken and yet never gives up: Juventus returned without Ronaldo to a team, there is no doubt about it, but still a team with mediocre and confused attacking ideas, with the worst defense since 1988 (already 13 goals conceded) and the worst: after five useful results in the tournament (4) Win and draw With Inter), Madama lost at home in the last five minutes of injury time to Sassuolo, who took the lead at the end of the first half with Frattisi, who reached him with a header.I’m a makini to punish Dybala After half an hour of recovery and carrying him in the victory of one of his French talents Maxime Lopez.

For the Emilians, a historic victory, referring to the memory of the end of October 2015 in Reggio Emilia, again against the Bianconeri: it was – on the tenth day just like this – The last defeat for Juventus before the record series that led to the Scudetto from the Grand Rimonta.. Ten days later, the points behind first place in the standings were 11, While I am now 13 years old: On paper there is still a difference that cannot be crossed, above all because the opponents vying for the championship are more then so it is possible to steal points from each other.

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Juventus is less equipped than in 2015. Above all, it happened Sassuolo has proven and already shown the victory of Empoli On the field on the second day, Italian football has changed a lot: the regional labs produce organized, proactive and fantastic football. Despite the difficulties of switching from De Zerbe to the Dionysian ApprenticeThe green and black colors remain one of the vanguards of this type of game.

Madama, on the other hand, risks finding herself a captive of the character her coach has dispensed with, in vague terms like the ones I’ve experienced (there are games to play and others to win) and with pure defensive performance. Suffering like these With Chelsea, Roma and Inter himself. period, even if it is not short, To absorb Ronaldo’s shock And to restore the cracks he found were necessary for Allegri. Not to mention that kyisa morata dybala trio Yesterday he was seen playing very little together.

But football goes on fast, not only because Milan and Napoli have a frenetic pace, but also because those with less money respond with ideas and know how to implement them. Inclusion of Frattisi and launch of Berardi That he sent Lopez against Perin at the last minute – after all the frenzy and chaos that Juve showed in trying to win – is the proof.

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