Roma and Mourinho criticize Friedkin: “He was excluded by those who understand little about football”|Primapagina

Roma and Mourinho criticize Friedkin: “He was excluded by those who understand little about football”|Primapagina

Jose speaks again mourinho, He did this through his first article that appeared on the English portal via “Pulse Nigeria” commentating on the final stage of the Champions League. The former Roma coach, although not mentioned, sent a dig at Friedkin: He added: “European competitions are about to start, especially the Champions League, perhaps the most important competition in the global calendar. I won't be there for these final stages, not because I've already been eliminated, but because I've been “eliminated” by someone who knows little about football. This is life, full of ups and downs, and I am growing, despite the unexpected and unfair dismissal. But I will return with more enthusiasm and confidence to play these European Union matches.”

Exemption Mourinho's dismissal came like a bolt from the blue on January 16. Friedkins appeared in Trigoria after the defeat at San Siro against Milan, demanding that the coach leave the sports center immediately.. A heated argument ensued and the incident ensued From the conference episode He returned to the team with the inscription: “When you become men you will give it to me.” Mo, who had never spoken until now, sent a clear message. On the same day in Trigoria, Daniele De Rossi signed the contract.

Tips – Then move on to advice. “I have played in many matches and reached the final several times. These are really special matches, for us as coaches, for the fans and of course for the players. Therefore, I have sufficient experience and knowledge To know how to move forward, even when we have opponents with far greater potential than ours. At this point, I always keep in mind: in the first game, you always have to play to win; And in the second, you know what you need to move on to the next round: Winning by one goal, drawing, or even losing by one or two goals. “The knockout matches are managed on this basis.” Only yesterday in a press conference De Rossi announced that he is taking an example from the European path of Mourinho's Roma.

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the future – Mourinho is currently still under contract with Roma, but is already the focus of many rumours. Stronger leads to It is possible that Bayern Munich will dismiss Tuchel within the next few hours. In this case, the featured player would risk facing Lazio immediately. Then there is always the very hot Arab track even if Mo prefers to stay in Europe.

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