Napoli – Turin tickets: new tickets sold out? data

Napoli – Turin tickets: new tickets sold out?  data

The bright start to the season Naples Summer’s dissatisfaction undermined the masses. The environment around the Azzurri was one of the worst in De Laurentiis’ era and the relationship with the club was at an all-time low.

Then the tournament began, and Napoli won and was convinced of the new contracts that did not make us regret the brilliant departure from the last session. Market.

He won the big win against Liverpool for sure Rekindle the passion of the Neapolitans That this season has never failed to contribute to it Maradona Stadium.

Naples – Turin, get tickets (Photo by Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images)

Napoli Turin tickets: data from TicketOne

Status related to Tickets sold out For the next seasonal commitment to NaplesAgainst Torino, it becomes increasingly clear. I 40,000 expected Saturday at Maradona Stadium for a match against grenades.

there upper B curve It has already been sold out for several days while, according to data from ticket oneThe upper curve Which Distinguished Chiefs They go about a full house. On the other hand, almost all seats are still available at The Lower Curves. Much better than Distinti Inferiori, Tribuna Nisida and Tribuna Posillipo.

Napoli Turin tickets
Napoli Turin tickets

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