June 5, 2023

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LIVE Camila Giorgi-Rus 3-4, WTA Rome 2023 LIVE: Blue, after breaking, is still holding on to the group

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30-0 Once again, the forehand didn’t find the field.

15-0 The very aggressive response the Italian played long.

3-4 Georgie Game! With a great effort and thanks to a recent mistake by Ross, Blue carries an integral serving role that hangs on for the first set.

The AD-40 is still an indoor feature thanks to the service assistance.

40-40 River game continues, Rus finds the gap just right with the straight left by the blue.

AD-40 Giorgi holds the ball well and plays a frontal attack that is impossible for the opponent to control.

40-40 exchange Well played by both players, Arantxa win with an impressive backhand cross.

AD-40 seconds straight by Ross, indoor feature.

40-40 The Dutchman’s gift that completely rips with his backhand response.

40 AD Break Paul Ross. And Giorgi disappeared from the field on the third double fault of the match and the fourth of the match.

40-40 foul in a backhand maneuver for No. 37 in the WTA rankings.

AD-40 The Italian’s slanted diagonal backhand after a carefully played point is perfect.

40-40 and another double fault that comes straight out of the blue, is forced to get advantages in this game.

40-30 Double Fault #2 in Camila’s game.

40-15 The world’s No. 107 forehand stops at the net after a good Marches counterattack.

30-15 so complicated this backhand along the line that he sought and was not found by Blue from afar.

30-0 is very good with Giorgi’s serve.

15-0 This time, Rus’ backhand stops on the bar, which returns to fouls after some time.

2-4 game russ! The Dutchman continues to win the third match in a row, and his acceleration off the serve is again excellent.

40-0 Ace Russia.

30-0 The answer is not being held on the field, and the crowd is trying to shake the blue in this moment of difficulty.

15-0 Ross plays great, surgical with his forehand and backhand always close to the goal line. The cross-hand stroke closure is excellent.

2-3 break Ross. The Dutchman with the winning backhand to open it from the center of the field puts up the first reach of the match; Bad game by Georgie full of errors and started with a double fault.

0-40 three points to break Russia! World No. 107 wins tug-of-war played entirely center, taking blue with her back.

0-30 Jorge suffers opposition’s winning cross after an imperfect attack and an unrealistic drop to the net.

0-15 Camila Giorgi’s first double fault.

2-2 game russ! ACE for Dutch and quick innings.

15-40 points directly with service thanks to the first at a speed of 174 km / h.

30-15 Giorgi defended well by making the opponent move too, then the blue is too hasty looking for the long line on the line.

15-15 first place winner for the Dutch.

0-15 cue with forehand No. 107 of the WTA rankings.

2-1 Georgie Game! Blue makes the ball go well tonight with shots and forces the opponent to make a mistake.

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15-40 Camilla’s backhand maneuver stops on the bar.

40-0 Blue pushing enough with their forehand, with their attack still in the middle but not managed well by the Dutch.

30-0 This time the winning counterattack comes from the world’s No. 37 backhand.

15-0 Giorgi is careful as he praises the opponent’s defensive recovery, looks on and punishes her on the counterattack with a forehand.

1-1 vs Russia! Again with the help of the Dutchman’s serve, canceling out three break points, he takes his first batting turn!

AD-40 in a restless search of the line by the Italian, but the diagonal forehand only knocked out a little. The first internal feature.

40-40 into the lane, reversing the blown Marche area.

40m Azure Killer Passport! Camila is a great healer and a great passer along the line running with her forehand!

40-40 Giorgi tries to play a winner along the line with a backhand that stops at the net.

30-40 Excellent first by Ross to negate the first stop.

15-40 Two break points for Giorgi! The deadly corner the Blue found with a backhand kick in response!

15-30 This time Camila’s blow has just come out.

0-30 Excellent so far Gyorgy, again in fine form with the front hand in the manoeuvre.

0-15 The world’s No. 37 is a very aggressive answer, playing every shot with drive strokes and then coming up to take the point with his backhand volley.

1-0 Georgi game! The direct point with the serve and blue easily holds the first game in the match.

40-15 A stunning midfield backhand along the Italian line that takes advantage of the slightly shorter ball allowed.

30-15 Camila is exceptional in building this point, every shot is played deeply and logically, even the foul in the back of the Dutchman.

15-15 The first is heavy out of the blue with Ross not finding the field in response.

0-15 Giorgi accelerates with a backhand lacking length.

The first group

22:25 Camila Giorgi lost the toss and will start serving this match. Have fun and good tennis everyone!

10:24 p.m. It’s a chilly evening in the Italian capital, with both players still wearing long sleeves. Moments later, the match begins!

22:22 Ross first demolished the Greek Papamichael (6-2, 6-1) and then the French Jacomon (6-1, 6-3) in the decisive round, proving that she is in more than good shape. The Blues will have to be wary of the Dutch born in 1990, the player best suited for doubles as evidenced by the four titles they have won in their career, and they will have to play a strong and pivotal match if they are to win the second round.

10:20 p.m. Time for the players to hit the field! It’s the last game scheduled for today in Rome, at the end of a really exciting day. At the moment there are only a few spectators left in Centrale for this first classic Roman night for international tennis players!

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22:18 Arantxa Rus, who is currently 107th in the WTA rankings and who boasts the 61st position reached in more than ten years as her best ranking, entered the main draw in Rome by beating the qualifications gauntlet. The Dutchwoman has already played two matches on clay in the Eternal City, dominating both matches and leaving her opponents with just seven matches in four sets.

22:16 There is no better occasion than the Italian International for a blue tennis player to get an intense experience and try to reverse the trend of this season which is very negative at the moment.

22:14 Camila Giorgi in 2023 combined more pains than joys so far, with a third-round reach at the Australian Open and a final loss in Mexico at the Merida Open as the best results. Looking at the draw, an Italian derby between Giorgi and Trevisan could come out in the third round.

22:11 Camila Giorgi returns to the field after the forced withdrawal during the first tie match in Madrid against Al-Masry Sherif due to a knee problem. The marching girl will try her best in front of her fans at home, even if the physical conditions of the 37th in the world do not allow the Italian fans to sleep peacefully.

22:08 The precedents between the players are four and a half, with the Dutch winning their first two matches in 2009 while the Blues have managed to prove themselves on the last two occasions, one of the latter being in India. Wells with double 6-3. Up front, he holds a second-round lead against Russia’s No. 15 Alexandrova.

10:05 PM Magical Fabio Fognini!!! Blue treated himself to another memorable evening on the center court in Foro Italico, and after a battle full of great tennis, he beat Andy Murray in three sets with a score of 6-4, 4-6, 6-4. The match between Camila Giorgi and Arantxa Ross will finally start in a few minutes!

21:18 Fognini’s comeback in the second set stopped at the climax: Blue, having recovered from 1-5, dropped serve after winning three matches in a row and handed the second set to Murray. This great match will find the right conclusion in the third and decisive set! Next, we remember, Georgie and Ross are going to take the field!

20:20 The great Fabio Fognini hit a very long first set in front of the British team 6-4. At the end of this match, Giorgi and Ross will take the court!

19:10 The first match of the evening session has just started in Rome, where the rain after the initial delay did not affect the smooth running of the programme. At the end of the Fognini-Murray amarcord, but in any case not before 8:30 pm, it was finally time for Camilla Giorgi!

13.05 Matches started on all fields in Rome at around 12.35.

12.10 Due to rain, the program in Rome will not start before 12.30.

Good morning friends OA Sport e Welcome to the live text broadcast of the match between Camila Giorgi and Arantxa Rousse, valid for the first round of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2023. I am Four and in perfect parity between the playersThe Dutch, who won their first two matches in 2009, played while the blue team managed to impose themselves on the last two occasions, one of them recently in Indian Wells with a score of 6-3. For wins, there is a place in the second round against 15th seed Alexandrova.

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Camila Giorgi returns to the pitch after a forced withdrawal during the first tie in Madrid against the Egyptian Sharif for knee problem. The Marsh girl will try to do her best in front of her home audience, even if that’s it The physical conditions of the number 37 in the world do not allow the Italian fans to sleep peacefully. Camila Giorgi in 2023 collected more pains than she has collected so far, with a third round reach at the Australian Open and a final loss in Mexico at the Merida Open as the best results. Looking at the draw, an Italian derby between Giorgi and Trevisan could come out in the third round, with Marches on a collision course in a possible second round with world No. 15 Alexandrova. There is no better opportunity than the Internazionali d’Italia to gain some insight and try to reverse the current somewhat negative season.

arantxa ruscurrently No. 107 in the WTA rankings which boasts the 61st position reached in over ten years as its best ranking, She entered the main draw in Rome by overcoming the challenge in qualifying. The Dutchman has already played two clay court matches in the Eternal City, He dominated both matches and left opponents with just seven games in four sets overall. Destroy Greek Rus first Baba Michael (6-2 6-1) Then in the decisive French round Jacquemont (6-1 6-3)which proves that it is in more than good condition. Blue should be wary of Dutchmen born in the year 1990the player is better suited to double as evidenced by the four titles she has won in her career, And he will have to play a strong and pivotal match if he wants to win the second round.

Brought to you by OA Sport Giorgi-Rus live broadcast, the match is valid for the first round of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2023. The Italians and the Dutch will close out the day’s program at the Central Stadium, where the match has been scheduled as follows The second match of the evening cycle, which does not start before 19.00, after the unmissable Fognini-Murray (the blue and the Dutch will not enter the field before 20.30 anyway). The match will be visible on TV on Supertennis and live on SupertenniX Have fun and good tennis everyone!

Photo: LiveMedia/Oscar J Barroso/DPPI