Lukaku and Handanovic were ruled out for one game and Cuadrado for three. Juventus, curve closed for a day

Lukaku and Handanovic were ruled out for one game and Cuadrado for three.  Juventus, curve closed for a day

After the salon quarrel in the Italian Cup semi-finals, which was held on Tuesday evening at the Allianz Stadium, The sports judge imposed a three-match ban on Cuadrado, one each on Handanovic and Lukaku and a fine of €20,000 on Nerazzurri coach Pachin.In addition, Juventus will have to go through a championship round without an audience at the South TribuneAnd The sector from which racist insults rained down on Lukaku.

Let’s start here. The judge, “according to the collaborators of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office,” considering the “vulgar and insulting chants and racially discriminatory shouts” against Big Room, which he heard at the 35th and 49th minutes of the second half, were looked at by all and three representatives of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office located in The stadium and agree that they came from the South Tribune and hosts 5034 people, decides to punish Juventus who were forced to play a match with the curve closed.

Therefore, the suspended sentence is not given to the Bianconeri, for example it was given to Lazio Despite Juventus actively cooperating with the police to identify the perpetrators.

From Cuadrado’s fist to red to Lukaku

Cuadrado is penalized with a €10,000 fine and a three-match ban over the dispute with Handanovic. After an argument with a player from the opposing team, He snatched him hard, put his hands around his neck and punched him in the face; It was forcibly divided by the opposing player, thanks to the intervention of some of his colleagues.” Handanović is punished with a huge fine of €10,000 and a one-day ban for the same episode.

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Lukaku is not exempt from the accumulated disqualification after being sent off, as a result of two yellow cards. In particular, the second warning is imposed for “disorderly conduct on the pitch”, or controversial jubilation in front of Juventus fans. Dario Pachin, after the offensive and dangerous phrases towards referee Massa, after entering the field at the end of the match without having the right to do so, will have to pay a fine of 20 thousand euros. Juventus will pay the price for the audience’s absence in the next round at home to Napoli.

Clubs reaction

Inter will not appeal: There is no favorable jurisprudence to demand that Lukaku’s second yellow card be retroactively revoked, motivated by the Lookman case (contrary to what Simone Inzaghi asserted in the incendiary post-match in Turin, the yellow card was never removed from the yellow card). Rejoicing yellow card account in the cups of Nigerian from Atalanta). Should address a different letter for Juventus who keeps himself before studying the documents that inspired a sports judge’s ruling. He will then decide whether to appeal primarily over the decision to shut down South Tribune for one round, or the next home match against Napoli and secondly over Cuadrado’s three-match exclusion. Proceeding from the assumption that even if the ruling of the sports judge is challenged, the firmness in condemning the episodes of racism will remain firm, meanwhile Juventus have already identified the fans, the protagonist of the video that is shown on social networks, in which they shout at Lukaku, which makes him retain titles Disgusting, “monkey from…”. By applying a code of approval to them, one of them – a minor – will remain out of Allianz Stadium for the next 10 years. The other adult will be banned from the playground for life.

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