Roberto Saviano now feels like Enzo Tortora: “Massa di s…”, Fedez attack

Roberto Saviano now feels like Enzo Tortora: “Massa di s…”, Fedez attack

“Fame is terrible things,” says Roberto Saviano, which runs parallel to Enzo Tortora… The Gomorra writer said this and more in a guest appearance on Muschio Selvaggio, Fedez and Davide Marra’s podcast. Starting with the tragic case of a TV presenter from Portobello who ended up in prison for drug use and his association with the Camorra, Saviano talks about fame and envy, showing how prejudices, such as the belief that celebrity can guarantee impunity, are capable of ruining an individual’s life. Saviano says: “Fame generates judgment without knowing it, because if you are famous, anyone has the right to have an opinion about you based on instinct. You have the face of a bad man, and you don’t do that.” “You don’t get it right, you talk too polite, you make a lot of money, so this is a fame trial. When I go to schools, I always say fame is a terrible thing.”

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To underscore his arguments, the writer quotes a line from Tortora himself: “Let us hope that my sacrifice has served this country and that my sacrifice is not an illusion.” At that point Fedez intervenes: “I’m sorry to say, unfortunately, the Enzo Tortora fight may have remained an illusion.” Saviano responds by giving a picture of the legacy left by this story and says: “What is left? Many ideas, primarily the judicial tool as an element to delegitimize or attack those who you cannot tolerate or consider your enemies.” In what appears to be a reference to the legal case in which he was sentenced to compensate current Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on charges of defamation.

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“I remember that after Come Away with Me (the program presented by the journalist and writer with Fabio Fazio, the editor), which had excellent numbers, I was horrified because for the first time in my life, a mass of nonsense of ridiculous accusations reached me by letter, e-mail or in the street. “When you have a lot of people watching you, you have a lot of people who hate you, even instinctively, or who don’t share your positions.” “Another dynamic happens,” he adds shortly. “You wanted to be famous, damn you! I want to reach people, I want to read my vegan books, I want to make a living from my work but I don’t have a strategy for seeking fame. In fact, it bothers me to be recognized, but What happens when there is a short circuit… What you do is not criticized, if it is only criticized, it is delegitimized and it is a different matter!” .

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The discussion moves from fame to money power and Fedez says: “Roberto’s problem is not that he got rich, Roberto’s problem is that he didn’t get rich enough!” “I touched on the point,” Saviano insists, “that, in fact, rights always belong to those who cannot afford them… When we talk about the right to abortion, to euthanasia for example, in fact, those who have money can go for it.” “. “Abortion in Switzerland, euthanasia in the Netherlands, the right always belongs to those who cannot afford it financially.”

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