February 4, 2023

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The Antimafia: “Pasolini’s murder linked to a movie heist” – Chronicle

killing Pier Paolo Pasolini It could be linked to the original film theft of some scenes from his movie Salò and the 120 Days of Sodom which was still in production: the writer and director would have gone at Idroscalo di Ostia, where he was later killed, just so he could retrieve them. This is the hypothesis that emerges from the final report of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Committee of the last legislature, which was released today.

In this hypothesis, the panel adds, they would be “Important criminal groups” such as the Banda della Magliana have been implicated in the crime.

As stated in the report submitted by the Commission that “quite improbable solutions of a judicial nature now appear, but it remains useful that, from a historical perspective, the investigation of the motives and methods of aggression which caused Pasolini’s death, both of which have never been elucidated, can be reconsidered in In light of the preliminary results, albeit primitive, that emerged from the activity of the investigation committee.

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