The Middle East, the Iranian-Saudi axis, and Putin’s relations with the “global south”: the United States is concerned

The Middle East, the Iranian-Saudi axis, and Putin’s relations with the “global south”: the United States is concerned

L’Iran Keep moving. He watches his movements very carefully United State, concern about the program nuclear affiliate Ayatollah it was also influenced by the strategies of the Islamic Republic.
These days, what fuels curiosity about Iran’s options is above all his visit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Minister of Foreign Affairs , Hussein Amirabad Allahian. Until a few months ago, the journey of the head of Iranian diplomacy to the land of the House of Saud was almost impossible. But after China’s direct intervention to normalize relations, the two rivals resumed dialogue. And this is after years of clashes – harsh, albeit indirect – that made them divided on the hottest fronts in the Middle Eastern chessboard, from Syria to Yemen, and from Lebanon to Iraq.

Amirabullahian, in a press conference with his Saudi counterpart, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, stating that the reports are going in the “right direction”, re-launching the hypothesis of a meeting between the leaders of the two countries. For his part, the Saudi minister affirmed Riyadh’s determination to strengthen relations with Tehran, and outlined the return of normal diplomatic relations.A turning point for security in the regionVery clear words that cannot be reduced to simple institutional formalities.
in an area like The Middle EastAnd meetings and statements always take on a specific meaning. It is no coincidence that the Iranian minister extended his visit to the Arabian Peninsula to meet the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The de facto leader of Riyadh, speaking of the last meeting of grandmother Concerning Ukraine, every interest in reaffirming good relations with its Iranian adversaries, also thanks to the intervention Beijing in the challenge. After all, this is a special moment for the Middle East. The inclusion of China in the regional leadership game has dramatically changed the standards to which local governments are accustomed.

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The United States wants to avoid making its strategic withdrawal look like a disengagement from a region crucial to world stability. But the impression is that Most powers in the region are starting to look around without necessarily feeling attached to the West. Siren brix – the bloc that unites emerging countries outside the Western world and that will converge in South Africa with an ambition to expand to other partners – resonates in Africa how many in Asia. The blockade cannot be compared (so far) with Washington’s system of alliances, but the recent geopolitical upheavals do not allow the White House to sleep peacefully, fearing that it will not be able to show the authority that has ensured for decades the leadership of the United States in various fields. .

In this sense, fail at Cutting ties between Russia and the “Global South” Despite the sanctions, and above all the invasion of Ukraine, it is a worrying sign for Washington. Until then, Iran could be a perfect match Thermometer concerns of the United States. The United States had been pressing the Islamic Republic for some time to halt the handover Drones To the Russian forces, so much so that it even talked about it during negotiations for the release of the five American prisoners in Iran. Pressing increases, and detection Washington Post At a factory in Alabuga, in the Republic of Tatarstan, to produce drones in cooperation with Iranian technicians. The Russian goal is to be able to produce six thousand drones by 2025, It will confirm very grim scenarios regarding the future of the war in Ukraine. Tehran, which is sanctioned and oriented to the east, does not seem interested in severing the axis with Moscow. Now that he wants to join the BRICS, the question observers are asking is not only what might happen to the Islamic Republic, but also what are the prospects for the Middle East in full revolution.

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