Rimini, Sintica: Thursday Giulia Vanone presents the book “The Song of Science”

Rimini, Sintica: Thursday Giulia Vanone presents the book “The Song of Science”

Science and its extraordinary discoveries, viewed from an extraordinary perspective, will be at the heart of the story of Giulia Fanone, guest of the next “Libri da Questo Parti”, Thursday 12 October, Sala della Cineteca at 5 pm, with the presentation of her book “The Song of Science” “How Musical Theater Explains Galileo, Einstein and the Others”, Bolzoni 2022.

The contribution of scientific discoveries and their heroes to the definition of innovative theories can be told in several ways: Fanone narrates it here from an unprecedented perspective, that of modern musical works of the opera stage of the second half of the twentieth century and investigates works containing main characters, heroes of memorable scientific events. Galileo attracted the attention not only of artists, writers, composers and librettists, but also of Kepler, Einstein, Madame Curie and even Alan Turing, who took an interest in these extraordinary figures, creating novels, films and theatrical performances. Plays inspired by the activities of these men and women of scholarship: fascinating images, lives marked by devotion to study and research, and human profiles provide outstanding ideas for theatrical representation. From the second half of the twentieth century, musical theater began to pay attention to these characters. Many songwriters and composers have been fascinated by the eminent scientists whose discoveries marked historic turning points in our civilization, linked above all to two fundamental seasons of scientific thought, those that occurred at the beginning of the seventeenth century during the first scientific revolution, and those that influenced and succeeded in twentieth-century physics. In transforming them into powerful operatic themes that still evoke strong emotions. Fanone explored a subject that had remained largely unexplored, and was also happy to trace unexpected juxtapositions, such as those between Torquato Tasso and Copernicus and others.

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Julia Fanone He has a diverse path of scientific and music studies: degree in biology, specialization in mathematics and physics, master’s degree in science communication, classical guitar and electronic music courses at the conservatory, degree in dynamism/music, doctorate in history, music science and technology. She has taught at high schools and universities on the history of science and participated in organizing science fairs. She collaborates as a music critic in Italian and foreign periodicals, and is the author of several articles dedicated to the relationship between music and science, which have appeared in sector magazines and in the programs of the main Italian theatres. In 2017 he published the volume A un doctor della mia fate. The history of medicine is told in the opera theater.

Gianni Zanarini He is a teacher of Science and Arts in the Master of Science Communication at the University of Milano-Bicocca. He taught science and literature at the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, and physics and music acoustics at the University of Bologna. He has published many articles of a scientific, cognitive and musical nature and collaborated on the Einaudi Encyclopedia of Music. Among his publications related to the relationship between science and art: Emotional Accuracy. World Visions and Scientific Emotions (Coyne, 2001), Inventions of Two Voices. Dialogues between music and science (Carocci, 2015), Silence (Dobiafusi, 2020), Microstories. Poetic Images of Science (Dobiafos, 2021).

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There will be a bookstore point, with copies signed by the author at the end of the show.

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