Udinese – Verona 2-2: Live broadcast

Udinese – Verona 2-2: Live broadcast
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Blue Energy Stadium
    City: Udine
    Capacity: 25,144 spectators2.42 pm

    Source: Getty Images
  • Everything is ready at the Blue Energy Stadium for the match between Udinese and Verona, the fourteenth round of the Italian League.2.42 pm

  • Challenging redemption, the teams are divided by just two points: the Friulians are still searching for their first home win of the tournament (4N, 2P); The Venice team is on a 12-game losing streak.2.46 pm

  • Here are the lineups. Udinese with a 3-5-1-1 plan: Silvestri – Joao Ferreira, Kabasele, Perez – Ibosele, Samardzic, Wallace, Payero, Zemora – Pereira – Success. Available: Baddeley, Okoye, Christensen, Masina, Gissand, Lovric, Tekevik, Zarraga, Quina, Ehesibo, Camara, Camara, Marley, Thauvin, Luka.3.01 pm

  • 4-2-3-1 for Verona: Montipo – Chachoua, Amioni, Coppola, Terracciano – Folorunsho, Duda – Ngong, Suslov, Lazovic – Djuric. Available: Berardi, Pirelli, Doig, Calonne, Hongla, Faraone, Calabrese, Charles, Cruz, Cabal, Mbula, Bonazzoli, Serdar, Henry.2.55 pm

  • Bigol is out, Kabasele is in. Cioffi picks Pereira behind the lone striker.2.51 pm

  • Baroni relies on Njong-Suslov-Lazovic to support Djuric. Coppola comes in for Hien in defence.2.52 pm

  • The warm-up phases are over, and the match coached by Maresca will begin soon.2.52 pm

  • 1′

    Udinese – Verona begins, and the ball moves to yellow and blue.3 pm

  • 3′

    Success on the ground, the match was stopped for a few moments.3.03 pm

  • 4′

    Zemora tries to take personal action, but Coppola doesn’t let himself get the better of him.3.04 pm

  • 5′

    Success problems, initially hit hard by Amiouni, play stopped again.3.05 pm

  • 6′

    Djuretic warned against protests.3.08 pm

  • 7′
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    Udinese substitution. Success cannot continue, Luca intervenes.3.07 pm

  • 9′

    During the study stages, the two teams face each other in the middle.3.10 pm

  • 11′

    Bayrou’s cross hit Coppola in the first corner of the match.3.11 pm

  • 12′

    From a corner, header from Kabasele high.3.12 pm

  • 13′

    Samardzic runs into the area without finding any teammate, Czachowa sweeps the ball.3.13 pm

  • 15′

    Terracciano sends Ebuselli off from a short Bianconeri corner kick.3.15 pm

  • 16′

    Goal! Udinese – Verona 1-0 Capaceli Net. Free kick blocked by Samardzic, Kabasele’s shot rebounds into the penalty area.

    Check out Christian Kabasele’s player profile3.16 pm

    Christian Kabasele
  • 18′

    Throw to Luca for offside3.18 pm

  • 20′

    Chachoua presses on the wing, Joao Ferreira resorts to the corner.3.20 pm

  • 21′

    From a corner kick, Coppola flew into the penalty area, and his header hit the crossbar.3.21 pm

  • 23′

    Pereira widens towards Ebusil, Terracciano advances.3.23 pm

  • 24′

    Suslov from 20 meters away remains in the corner.3.24 pm

  • 25′

    Cross from Zemora, Iboseli dives into the area, and Maresca continues.3.25 pm

  • 27′

    The Blue Yellow team is trying to raise its center of gravity, while the Bianconeri defend themselves with discipline.3.29 pm

  • 29′

    Suslov looks for space on the edge, three times, and doesn’t pass.3.29 pm

  • 30′

    Goal! Udinese – Verona 2-0 Lucca Net. Pereira picks up the pieces in the area from Luca, who touches it with his right foot behind Montepu.

    Take a look at Lorenzo Luca’s player profile3.31 pm

    Lorenzo Luca
  • 33′

    N’Gong causes chaos in the Juventus area, and Perez moves away.3.34 pm

  • 36′
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    Penalty kick for Verona! Suslov wins the speed challenge with Perez, Kabasele stops Ngong’s right-foot shot with his hand, and Maresca points to the spot.3.36 pm

  • 37′

    Goal! Udinese – Verona 2-1, penalty kick, Djuri. Silvestri guesses a corner kick but doesn’t get there, precise low shot from Djuric from 11 metres.

    A look at Milan Djuric’s player profile3.37 pm

    Milan Djuric
  • 38′

    Cross from Tchachua, short clearance from Kabasele, Ngong fails to capitalize.3.39 pm

  • 40′

    Luca is on the ground, paramedics enter, play pauses.3.40 pm

  • 42′

    Free kick from Terracciano, right-footed shot from Dioric from the edge, in the middle of the field, easy prey for Silvestri.3.44 pm

  • 43′

    Warning: Tactical error by Zemora on Ngong.3.45 pm

  • 45′

    Four minutes of stoppage time.3.45 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Bayero’s warning, rude intervention on Terracciano.3.46 pm

  • 45’+2′

    Outside attempt by Suslov, low shot at the back.3.46 pm

  • 45’+3′

    Lazovic in the corridor for Volorunshu, Marisca whistles for a foul in the attack on Samardzic.3.48 pm

  • 45’+4′

    Warning: Amiouni, Ebusili has been dropped on the edge of the area.3.49 pm

  • 45’+6′

    Udinese chance! Free kick from Samardzic, his left foot goes around the barrier, and Montepu puts his fists on it.3.51 pm

  • 45’+6′

    The end of the first half. Udinese – Verona 2-1, Kabasele, Luca and Djuric scored (penalty kick).3.51 pm

  • The Bianconeri were immediately lost to injury but were able to capitalize on a double advantage with Kabasele and Luca, in both cases facing a static and not very attentive yellow and blue defence. The Venice side dominate possession but struggle to be dangerous, and Djuric re-opens the game from the penalty spot for Kabasele’s handball.3.54 pm

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  • Cioffi must avoid falling into the center of gravity and focus; The Baroni need to increase the quality of their offensive plays.3.54 pm

  • 46′

    Filming begins. Udinese – Verona 2-1, no changes during the first half.4.08 pm

  • 49′

    N’Gong shoots from the right, and Samardzic is well positioned.4.13 pm

  • 50′

    Coppola’s warning, late from Zemora.4.14 pm

  • 51′

    Free kick missed by Pereira straight from the back.4.15 pm

  • 52′

    Ngong extends his range to Lazovic, his cross met by a corner kick from Ebusele.4.15 pm

  • 53′

    Lazovic again on the left, very high cross for Duric.4.16 pm

  • 53′

    On a reversal in front, Bayrou was awarded a corner kick.4.17 pm

  • 54′

    Corner kick from Samardzic, Montepu blocks Kabasele’s shot early.4.18 pm

  • 55′

    Pereira tries straight from the flag, and Dioric is alert at the near post.4.18 pm

  • 56′

    Replay by Ngonge, Payero covers for Tchatchoua.4.19 pm

  • 58′

    Play was also stopped due to Pereira’s physical problems.4.23 pm

  • 59′

    Free kick from Suslov, Amiouni heads the ball poorly, the ball goes into orbit.4.22 pm

  • 61′

    Goal! Udinese – Verona 2-2! Ngong network. Suslov scores from behind, amazing back kick from Ngong, ball under the crossbar, Silvestri immobile.

    View Cyril Ngonge’s player profile4.25 pm

    Cyril Ngong
  • 63′

    Ebosele with force on the right, Tchatchoua anticipates Pereyra.4.27 pm

  • 64′

    Bayrou points to the area from the left, and Duda stops him in the corner.4.28 pm

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