Parents with knowledge and love: BabyBrains arrives in Sardinia, online ‘lessons’

Parents with knowledge and love: BabyBrains arrives in Sardinia, online ‘lessons’

Cagliari. Learning, ‘freaks’, separation anxiety, language and bilingualism, motivation and discipline, attachment and independence. These are the six workshops that Francesca Maria Picci, mother and only contact person for BB in Cagliari and Southern Sardinia, offers to both new parents in general.

There are no magic formulas, ready-made recipes, or quick fixes, but through the BabyBrains Method, Francesca – a social media marketing expert and beautiful mother of Ludovica of two years – will provide the tools needed for parents to be informed, effective, and mindful.

For this reason, he called on Tuesday, June 21 at 6.00 pm to present BabyBrains live on Zoom” to discover with her “what is happening in your child’s brain.

“We’ll talk about memory, language, whims and much more.” “Make yourself comfortable and we will have fun together and think about the issues essential for the harmonious development of our children,” says Francesca.

After Tuesday, the workshop cycle will begin with the first meeting on Wednesday, June 22 at 2:30 pm, followed by the meeting on Friday, June 24 at 6.00 pm.

This is the only course approved by Professor Mark Johnson, Director of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, and has arrived exclusively in Sardinia from Sardinian mothers but also Sardinian fathers! BabyBrains® is the interactive laboratory that brings the latest discoveries in developmental psychology and neuroscience within the reach of parents, from conception through to a child’s age of 4 years. Designed and created by Silvia Dalvet Menabe, Italian neuroscientist (mother of three), and founder of Positive Birth Program with Cecilia Antolini, the only neuroscience-based parenting educational program. BabyBrains understands the uniqueness of each child, which is why it does not provide ready-made answers but offers a method of observation. Instead of learning rigorous educational strategies and adapting the child to them, one learns to notice (in an easy and natural way) the signals the child sends and assess how to relate to them. “It’s not about parenting, it’s about gaining awareness, knowledge, and confidence in your parenting skills.” Francesca concludes

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