Revolution New Moon – sign with reference

Revolution New Moon – sign with reference

Welcome everyone! How are you all? In the late evening of Saturday, January 21st, the Sun and Moon join the first degree of Aquarius to give life to The first new moon From this year! Not only that: It’s also the second new moon after the winter solstice, and that makes it coincide with Chinese New Year And with the beginning of the year of the Water Rabbit. Indeed, these circumstances make them particularly interesting in some respects: indeed, considering that the new moon in itself has all The power of beginningsThis New Moon in particular starts off a very dynamic and interesting year.

As I read in my bookHOROSCOPE 2023 – THE ROUND OF THE YEAR IN 12 STAGESFor all signs of the zodiac, this is the year of great upheavals, caps off everything that has us stuck in fear of taking a step in a different direction, fear of judgment or of the disappointing expectations of others. Or even out of insecurity or indecision. It is a year that leads us to take action. A more independent tendency, and before that, to assertive action and personal affirmation: «I am, whether you like it or not! …

… and I was no longer willing to sacrifice my personal exclusivity on the altar of a quiet life, to deny myself in order to preserve the balances that were beginning to narrow for me». In short, a triumph of awareness and self-affirmation that we can express musically with such masterpieces as “I am what I am” by Gloria Gaynor, with “This is me” by Keila Settle (from the soundtrack to “The Greatest Showman”)) but also from “Me ne frego” by Achille Lauro and a lesser-known “Giungla” by Erica Mou (“It looks good on the model, but not on me!”).

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These, if you will, are my musical suggestions for getting off on the right foot in a year that will change many attitudes and bring the same healthy “rebellion” and independence far and wide in the zodiac. From this point of view, the first new moon of the year that forms in Aquarius (a sign of freedom and independence of judgment) is an important starting point. It evokes exactly those first drums of the revolution that begin to roll, at first quietly and then, gradually, in a crescendo… until they reach their climax in the course of the coming spring.

But let’s move on in order. The new moon marks the beginning of a New lunar cycle In this sense it is very similar to the “seed”. Something small, almost invisible (new moon cannot be seen with eyes) but with huge growth potential inside. What we sow on the new moon begins to take on clearer connotations Fourteen days laterin this case with the neighbors’ Full Moon in Leo Feb 5thWhich, if we will, represents the first roar of freedom and self-respect. On a larger scale then, and on a more organized basis, are the effects of the new moon seen Six months laterin this case with the full moon in Aquarius on August 1st.

And exactly halfway between these two moments (early February and early August), there is the sky in May, when Pluto will be in Aquarius and Jupiter will enter Taurus, as Uranus (the planet of great revolutions) has already passed since 2018). It probably means that in many cases The “wick” that lights up with this new moon will cause different choices to be made (in many cases of “breaking up” with the past as well) In the heart of springand will lead us to touch the Promised Land New life in the summer. (continuous)

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