Alberto Facci receives an honorary degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna: “a wonderful honour”

Alberto Facci receives an honorary degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna: “a wonderful honour”

Bologna, January 20, 2023 – honors degree in Administrative engineering to Alberto FacciPresident and CEO of the Bologna-based company I, one of the most important companies in the world in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetics, tobacco, tea and coffee. The entrepreneur (“with incredible passion”) earned his degree from the University of Bologna today in the process Solemn ceremony in the Great Hall.

“The corporate management model and the institutional activities with which Alberto Facci has always dealt – reads the reasons for the grant – are based on different pillars that are themes that characterize the training course of management engineering”. Specifically, “attention For excellence in manufacturing and integrated supervision Industrial and digital technologies; Orientation towards technological and business innovation; Design and management ability in an advanced key supply chain And value chains, in the logic of shared growth and sustainability; Centralization of people in the company’s operations and paths to technological change..

“This university,” Vakshi comments, “has long taken the path of dialogue with the province,” ed It is an incredible honor for me. In the future, This link between the university and the territory It must continue and grow further.”

Because the university “is the best place for the growth of the personalities that you will become The future of our entrepreneurial reality And not only.” John MulariDean of Alma Mater, stresses that Vacci’s degree also testifies to “the relations that link the University of Bologna with the local area. We have tried to strengthen and strengthen them in recent years, in line with the many framework agreements signed with companies and we will continue in this vein. Today to confirm all this we have with us Someone who represents one of the major companies in our region.”

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Many famous faces in the audience. to the former prime minister Romano BrodiAlberto Vacchi not only made Ima an exemplary company, but also A gem of Bologna. An acknowledgment of the company is an acknowledgment of the person’s role.”

Luke Montezemolo He was a longtime friend of Vacchi: “Alberto and Ima – he comments – are a good example of real entrepreneurship, technologically advanced and deeply rooted in the region, with many people working in the region but also a strong international presence”.

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