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Did you know that singer Massimo Ranieri has a secret “son”? This is his heir

If one thinks of the history of Italian music, one cannot think of it either Massimo Ranieri. He can boast of a very long career, which began in 1964, when he was just a teenager. During these nearly sixty years he published a good book 31 album Millions and millions of records have been sold. In addition to this, she has also shown that she is also very talented in dancing and dubbing.

Without a doubt, he is one of the most famous Italian singers, also known abroad and contributed to writing Italian Music History. Originally from a very poor Neapolitan family, he said his encounter with music was one of his most original. In fact, as a child he never dreamed of pursuing this profession but almost everything happened by chance.

In fact, when he was just a kid, he was forced to do various jobs to help his family. In particular, many people had already noticed beautiful voice And so his companions carried him on a rock and Force him to singOtherwise, they wouldn’t have returned it. He could not swim and therefore obeyed.

Massimo Ranieri, the secret “son”

Among these episodes, Massimo Ranieri declared: “They loved my voice, they canceled out a lot of change and I had a part of it. Then I ended up in a bar and there I was also singing to customersFrom here, step into becoming Professionals It was short and in a short time it became very famous first in all Campania and then in the world.

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It is also known to have Private life In addition to the worker. How long booked upYou know, his first big love was Franca Sebastiani with which he has been associated for many years. Until 1991 he was in a relationship with Barbara Nassinbein then with Lily Martinucci.

There is only one girlChristiana was born from the first partner. However, a short time ago it was discovered There will also be another “son”.

We are talking about the colleague Tiziano Ferro, very active and well known in the recording scene. Obviously there is no blood relationship between the two, but there is only one blood relationship great report Despite the age difference. However, for some time it was rumored that the younger is the son of Giovanni Calloni (this is the artist’s real name). This is clearly not true, but it must be admitted that physical resemblance It’s really cool.

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