April 2, 2023

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Return of “Belve” – ​​RAI Press

Wanna Marchi and Eva Robin’s are the first protagonists of the new season of “Belve”, the program designed and moderated by Francesca Vagnani that returns from Tuesday 1 November at 11.40pm on Ray 2, with three weekly dates, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. A twelve-episode episode dedicated to the indomitable, ambitious, and powerful women (and men) who don’t necessarily have to be liked, but still should be listened to. As Wanna Marchi: the well-known TV saleswoman, who has served her sentence in prison, sits in an uncomfortable chair and during various moments of tension relive all the important passages of her private life: her rise, the lottery numbers she got for sold out for years and that they initially carried billions in his pockets , then several years in prison.
An interview with many nuances, able to reconstruct the story of a successful TV saleswoman, who also managed to difficultly admit her mistakes and then quickly back off. A Q&A between Fagnani and Wanna Marchi able to restore even the image of the ’80s with the boom of television specials, in short a season of great successes and excesses.
Space, then, for the interview in the form of a portrait with a charming and hypnotic actress: Eva Rubin, one of the first converts to have, beginning in the eighties, in honor of the mundane news and the spotlight, among the covers of weekly newspapers, televisions and stages.
A clever, provocative, funny and dramatic conversation, during which Eva Rubin undresses and takes stock of her career and life, recounting her transition process without hesitation, her desire to seduce, and bringing clarity into an intense moment of the interview. A traumatic episode of abuse that occurred when he was just an eight-year-old.

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