Retail Bonus 2022: List of Recipients Published

Retail Bonus 2022: List of Recipients Published

On June 24, the Ministry of Economic Development announced the list of acceptable subjects to contribute to the retail trade. The list is available directly on the MiSE website.

with MISE Administrative Decree of June 24 menu for Topics acknowledged On the concessions of the Fund to re-launch economic activities that are primarily engaged in activities selling by pieces.

Let’s see what is the latest news about it.

Retail Bonus: The list of beneficiaries has been published

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On June 24, 2022, the Ministry of Economic Development published the list of retail grant-benefiting activities, available directly on the MiSE website.

We remind you that they can apply for contributions Retail activities In non-specialized stores, retail trade in motor fuels in specialized stores, audio and video equipment in specialized stores and the activities of the following retail groups in specialized stores:

  • household products;
  • cultural and recreational elements;
  • from clothes;
  • the shoes.
  • makeup;
  • Manufactures of perfumes, herbal medicines, flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets and pet food;
  • Watches and jewelry.
  • other products excluding used products;
  • retail sale of used things in shops;
  • Trade in the detail cart for textile products, dresses, coats and other products;
  • Retail trade outside stores, kiosks or markets.

Retail Reward: Amounts Paid

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These, however, the quantities Of the contributions disbursed for 2022 to people who have the requirements:

  • 60% Loss for subjects whose 2019 revenue does not exceed €400,000;
  • 50% loss of entities whose revenues for 2019 exceeded 400,000 euros and up to 1 million euros;
  • 40% From loss to entities with revenues in excess of €1 million for 2019 up to €2 million.
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