From the year 2023 you risk losing all your money but here is what to do to avoid that

From the year 2023 you risk losing all your money but here is what to do to avoid that

Postal Savings Book savings accounts are among the investment and savings products distributed by Poste Italiane.

Many Italians subscribe to postal ledgers to deposit their money to make it pay off over time and then use it for some important project.

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Like the Postal coupons The savings books are also guaranteed by the Cassaositi e prestiti, and thus by the state. Indeed, perhaps not everyone knows that this company is 85% owned by the Italian state, while the remaining percentage is privately owned.

Postal Savings Books: From 2023 there is a risk of losing all the money but here’s what to do to avoid it

The first Poste Italiane ledger was distributed in 1875 throughout the country. Since that year, it has become the most famous and subscribed savings product by Italians. As of 2021, the classic official bearer account books have been replaced by “smart” books. More modern and with new functions, with Libretto Smart you can also manage your savings online: on, with the BancoPosta app and at ATMs with Carta libretto.

However, sometimes it happens that once a little bit of money is signed and deposited in the passbook, it is left in the drawer and forgotten about. A lot more happens than you can imagine which is why Poste Italiane reports the extinction of some postal account books on its website. This refers to idle manuals.

As Poste Italiane explains, “these are account books that have not been dealt with by their holder for 10 years or more, and are not subject to procedures or operational barriers that prevent dealing with amounts with a balance of more than 100 euros”. Therefore, books that have been open for some time and are no longer in use.

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What should the saver do?

Poste Italiane usually sends a letter to the holder of the passbook explaining how to reactivate the passbook. Just go to the post office and make a transaction: withdraw, deposit or check the balance.

However, savers have a time limit to “reactivate” their passbook during which they risk losing money. In fact, the money in the ledger can always be paid back but with more complicated procedures. In fact, the amounts will be transferred to the Consap Fund, a company owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance established with the 2006 budget.

To avoid this transfer and, in fact, the extinction of the pamphlet by Poste Italiane, its owners By April 4, 2023 They will have to go through any operation to unlock it.

Poste has posted a list of dormant ledgers on its website arranged by the post office identification number at which they were opened.

Therefore, interested parties can consult the list on the following page:

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