Brave and Beautiful June 30, 2022: Episode

Brave and Beautiful June 30, 2022: Episode

Progress bravely and beautifully 2 June 30, 2022

Unless there are differences in the table Brave and beautiful 2 On June 30, 2022 it is broadcast at 16:00. The episode is also available on Mediaset Infinity upon request. It is a free service.

Find below progress Brave and beautiful 2 On June 30, 2022!

From left: Tamer Levent (Tahseen Kurludag) and Kivanc Tatlitug (See Almdaroglu Karasanoglu) in a scene from “Brave and Beautiful 2”. Credits: Mediaset

Brave and Beautiful 2 Episode 66 Plot

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he is to improve he is will visit Collaborate to make faith Risa For a chance to escape. RisaAfter all his massacres, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital. There he finds the complicity of a nurse who helps him escape. project Risa to leave the country. There seems to be a boat route, but it’s just an illusion. As mentioned, there is behind this apparent image of salvation Optimization and sussour Who – for various reasons – do not want to escape punishment Risa.

Once they encounter the killer, they both want to settle the score. but, to improve He who lost a son, an engine of anger and disbelief – perhaps – unparalleled. to improve knocks to improve Because he hopes to get the scene for himself. Actually stay alone with Risa. He has a way to get revenge. It is a dish that should be served cold and to improve He was not in a hurry. Now it is ready. Pain calls out. I can’t allow it Risa You don’t pay for what he did.

Sohan Goes into labour. In fact, her condition is not good nor is that of a pregnant woman at slight risk. Suhan may never see her child. Doctors advise Serein Suhan can be fatally traumatized during childbirth.

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will visitDoubtful, looking at the boat I’m on improvement and satisfaction jump in the air. Once he lands, he runs to the hospital. No time to waste. In fact, once he arrives, he discovers that he has become a father. The news did not end there because Suhan is no longer in a coma. She’s a mother, and maybe at this point all the pretty pictures she’s seen when she wasn’t conscious can really come true.

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