The demand for alternative foods is increasing

The demand for alternative foods is increasing

The demand for alternative foods is increasingEuropean press

Demand for alternative foods, such as meat, dairy products, fish and their egg counterparts, continues to grow significantly, and the industry has responded with a wide range of products. vegetarian. In the same way, concern for the environment means that consumers need products with a theoretically lower environmental impact. To this must be added the continuing and growing interest in functional foods. All of this translates into a large niche market for food development vegetarian More sustainable and with improved nutritional properties.

It is important to highlight the important role that ingredients hold for consumers when choosing a product, as they become increasingly aware of them and what they offer. This is in addition to the rise in protein products not only for the population who practice physical activity, and in line with what was previously mentioned in terms of sustainability and health, It opens up a great opportunity for plant protein growth, or the search for new sources of alternative proteins (plants, industrial by-products, allergen-free proteins, mycelium, microalgae, limina, recombinant casein, insects, etc.), as well as in this sector Pet food.

Flavor is essential

The origin of these alternative proteins can be diverse, which is why it is important to deepen and better knowledge of their functions and physicochemical properties.. Innovation in food technology refers not only to the improvement of these processes, but also to the increasingly frequent application of 3D printing for food production, cellular agriculture or meat. in the laboratoryAs well as the use of fermentation processes in the development of foods and in relation to their composition. I think that the trend that never goes out of fashion remains important: flavor is a prerequisite for good consumer acceptance.

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