May 29, 2023

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United States Independence Day Consul Avery tears and thanks

The tears of Consul Marie Avery, the beautiful words of Naples and the South on the welcome and the major international events that she was able to organize. Then the role of the woman which has to become more and more apical. The Consul leaves a moment of emotion, and after three years at the head of the American Consulate General in Naples he will soon leave the city and his post. At the headquarters of the Consulate General of the United States, the celebrations of the 246th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America began with the fanfare of the Eighth Regiment at Bersagliari. Many institutions, associations and businessmen who participated in the event, as well as civil and military authorities. Among the many moments of celebration, the consul’s eagerly awaited speech. “A day of remembrance and commitment. For the first time I can celebrate the most important holiday for us Americans in existence. Many have lived in the United States as in Italy the past few years with anxiety, despair and fear. But I have seen a South able to respond and recover. Naples has managed to organize major international events as a group twentieth I have found extraordinary generosity, also expressed towards other peoples. In the south we invest, there are American giants setting up innovation centers here in Naples, allowing many young people to realize their dreams in their own land. I will tell about a south that makes an important contribution to partnership between nations, open and inclusive as more and more women assert themselves in senior positions. The United States will always be on your side in defending your rights for all.” Then he thought of “full solidarity with the Ukrainian people after Russia’s unjustified behavior.” The Consul still remains in Naples, speaking of “the friendship and partnership between the United States of America and Naples that has lasted for years and which can only be strengthened further. In my husband and my name, I thank Naples, Campania and the South for giving us three unforgettable years”. Before the music and tasting typical Campania products (from mozzarella to pizza) and Americans (hamburgers and hot dogs) toast on stage with Governor Claudio Palumba, Regional Advisor Mario Morcon representing President de Luca and thanks to all present.

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