Research, Baldini (Jansen): “Using the J factor, we bring young people closer to science and innovation”

Research, Baldini (Jansen): “Using the J factor, we bring young people closer to science and innovation”

Rome, May 18th. (Adnkronos Salute) – “Through” J Factor “we want to bring Italian high school students closer to science by explaining the importance of trust in innovation and research. We try to help create researchers of the future. Today with Fattore J we can share information campaigns for these students and try to find tools needed to contribute to these issues.” So, Alessandra Baldini, Medical Director of Janssen Italia, on the occasion of the recent event of “J Factor”, the project of Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Janssen Italia, the pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. The goal of the initiative: to raise awareness among secondary school girls and boys throughout Italy about the importance of correct scientific information and responsible choice of behavior for the well-being and health of all.

The meeting, organized in Milan, allowed for a discussion about the future of medicine, but it was also an opportunity to involve and reward many young people with the Fattore J competition: “Five hundred students from 42 Italian schools worked on their concept of ‘health for the future’ – concludes Baldini – we met Today we celebrate final projects from eight schools and award winners. They showed their concepts developed differently and divided into four categories: videos, podcasts, graphics and short stories. We have seen awareness campaigns on some diseases such as, for example, HIV infection and oncology issues, which underscores the importance of innovation and research.”

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