Requiring masks in health centers may become a recommendation if infections decrease for two weeks

Requiring masks in health centers may become a recommendation if infections decrease for two weeks

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Health issued a decision to oblige wearing a mask in hospitals and health centers, after an increase in cases of respiratory infections in recent weeks. However, it made it possible for each autonomous region to make this measure advisable only if infection numbers fell for two consecutive weeks and the authorities so desired. This was announced by Health Minister Mónica García on Wednesday afternoon, after receiving the allegations from the autonomous communities 48 hours after the Interregional Council meeting last Monday. This measure is already being applied in six autonomous regions, including Catalonia.

The minister said, in a press conference, that the current numbers of respiratory infections are high but similar to the period before the epidemic. For this reason, in order to identify some of the “basic and minimum measures” learned during the Covid crisis, the Ministry issued an announcement of coordinated actions to create a “legal guarantee” of the commitment dictated by certain communities and at the same time a “certain guarantee of flexibility” depending on the numbers of each territory. At the same time, it is recommended to wear a mask in pharmacies, social health centres, nursing homes and areas with large gatherings. In this sense, he appealed to the “common sense” of the public, which in many cases already wears a mask in these areas. Vaccination campaigns will also be strengthened and ventilation will be recommended. Indoor spaces.

In the face of criticism from the People's Party, the minister asked the party not to enter into contradictions, because some popular communities have already taken this measure. He also pointed out that the mask in health centers has received scientific approval. In this regard, he said that respiratory epidemics are normal in winter, but “it should not be normal to stress the health system” every winter.

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