Farmers spend the night on dead ends before marches to Barcelona

Improvised fires with tires, kalsu, grilled meats and tents. These are the farmers' ingredients to fight the cold after Tuesday Protests and cuts On a large number of roads and highways throughout Catalonia, which were extended during the night. Packing day This Wednesday it will arrive in Barcelona with slow marches Which will once again complicate traffic in several parts of the country. The oldest is scheduled to start at 7 a.m.

The peasants took to the streets to Claim solutions Due to drought, excessive bureaucracy, damage to wildlife and demanding reasonable prices for their products.

Road closures remain in place

Farmers and ranchers have maintained… Cutting off the main arteries of the country. This is the situation l'AP-7Which was cut off in the north in Medina and in the south in Al-Diya and Min l'A2Carved on the height of Fondarella, in Pla d'Urgell.

There are also protests in N-240 In Montblanc or C-17 In different cities such as Vic, Gurb and Mollet del Vallès. In central Catalonia, it is also not possible to drive in several sections of the region C-16 food C-25.

By taking the protest to Barcelona, ​​the farmers hope that the administrations will listen to them and respond to their demands.

Packing to central Barcelona

Tractors Western farmerswhich constituted the majority of the tractors packed on Tuesday, They will come down to Bruc This Wednesday, they will stop to refill the fuel tanks of the tanker that they will transport to this place. after, They will climb towards the Avinguda DiagonalWhere the tractors are expected to leave.

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This group expects to arrive in Barcelona around noon.

the Farmers and ranchers from central Catalonia They intend to start the slow march along the C-17 and along the C-33 and enter the Catalan capital by Avenida Meridiana.

Farmers from Tarragona For their part, Terres de l'Ebre will unite in a single front and reach Barcelona via AP-7.

As for Farmers from Girona regionswhich will also enter through longitude, will be relegated to AP-7 after agreeing with the Mossos d'Esquadra to be able to do it this way in exchange for the opening of the N-2 this Tuesday. This could cause hours of delay on the highway.

Once they arrive in Barcelona, ​​the farmers intend to go there Headquarters of the European Commission In Passeig de Gracia, A Spanish government delegation Finally, (Palau de la Generalitat)..

The farmers will meet with Aragones

Head of the General Government, Peter AragonesMinister of Climate Action, David MascourtThey will meet with a representative of the farmers at 16.00.

Aragones and Mascort have the will to show the government's support for them A sector that seeks to be heard and receive answers to claims.

The country's main arteries are cut off (Europa Press/Mark Trella)

Tuesday intense protests across Catalonia

Catalan peasants took to the streets on Tuesday in a mobilization in which they took part Nearly 4,000 tractors. The effects on movement began in the early hours of the morning, on a very complicated day on the main road axes and all their demarcations.

To Leda, The protests were concentrated in the A-2 areaHundreds of tractors blocked the highway in both directions, near Belle Loc Dorgel.

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In Fundarella they focused on it About 1,500 tractors and about 3,000 farmersBlocking the highway all day and night.

the Tarragona fieldIn Montblanc there are about 200 tractors They cut the AP-2, N-240 and C-14 All day long, though they finally decided to lift the highway barrier.

Tractor crowd on the A-2 motorway, in Fondarella (Europa Press/Marc Trilla)

for them Ebro landsabout 200 tractors from farmers from Baix Ebre and Montsià They cut AP-7 In both directions From the walk since early morning.

the Girona farmers They also cut AP-7, in this case at Medinyà. In addition, hundreds of tractors occupied the N-2 road in both directions, affecting the section between Silra and Villademoles.

However, this latest cut was lifted in the evening, when… Farmers and ranchers agreed with the Mossos d'Esquadra This road opened in exchange for allowing police forces to go to Barcelona via AP-7 on Wednesday. This means The highway was closed for hours.

Vic, 150 tractors They cut the C-25, the transverse axlein both directions, while in Mollet del Valles, in Valles Oriental, hundreds of tractors have blocked this same road and will remain there throughout the night.

in other hand, uns 400 tractors From farmers from Bages, Bergueda, Solsones, Anoia They cut down a C-16at the height of the Salient, both in the direction of Berga and Manresa.

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