Brussels is counting on Taylor Swift's influence in the European elections

Brussels is counting on Taylor Swift's influence in the European elections

the Youth participation It will be crucial in the next ones European electionsWhich will be held from June 6 to 9 2024. That's the way you consider it European Commissionwho on Wednesday encouraged the young man not to miss the opportunity to vote in the elections that will decide the composition of the European Chamber in the coming years.

“Young people are Europe's best ambassadors“, said this Wednesday the Vice President of the Community Executive, Margaritis Schinas, at a press conference held by the ACN Association where he insisted that “Critical” is that there is a high level of participation He stressed that ballot boxes are the best way to express “agreement or disagreement” with European policies. Schinas's statements came in the context of the committee's announcement, which proposed the implementation of “a class“In designing community policies to take their voice into account.

In this sense, the Greek leader and European Commissioner for the Promotion of the European Lifestyle noted that no one can mobilize young people better than young people themselves, and called for Popular personalities among teenagers – Schinas mentioned the case of the American artist Taylor Swiftwhich he managed through a message on the networks 35,000 young Americans Registering to vote in US elections – encouraging voters to go to the polls.

Measures to engage young people more in Europe

On the other hand, the European Commission also presented on Wednesday a series of proposals to enhance youth participation in European life and take them into account when drawing up certain policies. Among the most important measures, we highlight the fact of devoting more efforts to strengthening common European qualifications, increasing volunteer opportunities to contribute to the green transition and fully implementing the ALMA initiative, which focuses on helping the most disadvantaged young people aged 18 to 29 years. Integration into society and the labor market through residence abroad.

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