Disappointed with Zelensky, US visit is not a sign of détente

Disappointed with Zelensky, US visit is not a sign of détente

for the general Trilod Visit Zelensky in a United State It’s a disappointment. “This visit disappointed me, it is an event that again contradicts détente and we did not need it. The visit served to reassure the Ukrainians and strengthen the alliance of their supporters, avoiding cracks, but it is not a sign of détente.». exactly the contrary. The ex-military says that the tension increased, so much so that there was an angry reaction from the military put it in. Commentary by General Leonardo Tricarico, President of the ICSA Foundation (Intelligence Culture and Strategic Analysis) and former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, to comment on the mission of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States.

Putin is building military bases in the Arctic: installed radars capable of intercepting “invisible” aircraft and satellite communications

Because Zelensky will disappoint

“There is a need today for a Biden who does not take for granted that Putin does not want to negotiate, and it may not be the case, and it is indeed possible that this will not be the case – as he confirms – Putin’s alleged and improbable intentions hiding in him not to proceed on the path of negotiation. . General Tricarico adds: “This war shows that it will not end because the United States does not want it, and the contents of this meeting are another testament to it.” «It is important that those who can make their voices heard, perhaps in the choir, especially Europe, so that the course of negotiation can begin to be determined and also the contents of the negotiations, at least the preliminary talks – and he concludes – I am convinced that the fact that Biden may invite Putin to negotiate can remove part Great Russian hostility ».

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Patriot missile node

“Putin said that the Patriot system is outdated: he is right if he referred to the versions of the 80s, which were inaccurate and missed the target several times, and then the manufacturer made successive copies that reached high accuracy. We will see what kind Ukraine will be supplied with, however it is a purely defensive system to protect against airborne threats, drones, helicopters, jets and missiles.” This was stated to Adnkronos by General Dino Tricarico, ICSA (Intelligence Culture and Strategic Analysis) Foundation President and President Former Air Force Staff about the American decision on the supply of new weapons to Ukraine. «These are systems that have a rather limited coverage in terms of territorial protection, they are designed to defend targets such as an airport, a center for energy generation and distribution, specific areas – he continues – they are mobile systems, they can transferred according to the protection zones.” “They are vehicles that were supplied maybe late, but it is probably because they are expensive cars and technologies that the Americans do not want to give up, especially in the latest versions.” He concludes. And drop the weapons to make it more accurate.”

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