The multinational company from Busto: «Five-year bill. In the United States it is the same as it was three years ago.”

The multinational company from Busto: «Five-year bill.  In the United States it is the same as it was three years ago.”

BUSTO ARSIZIO – «From 300 thousand euros per month to One and a half million energy bills per monthThe number is sufficient to understand the impact of the energy crisis on “energy-intensive” activity such as Noby Italian Industries On Via Stefano Ferrario, in the industrial area of ​​Sacconago. “We have upgraded the photovoltaic panels on the roof, but their output is no more than 4-5% of the energy needed.” Managing Director of Nupi Marco Genoni. “This says a lot about alternative energies and declarations about environmental transformation.”

The multinational company of Posto

Nupi Industrie Italiane is a small one Multinational with annual sales volume of 110 million Which, in addition to headquarters in Busto Arsizio, has production sites in the Imola region of Emilia and in the United States, in Texas and in North Carolina. “The cost of energy there is the same as it was three years ago»Marco Ginoni reveals. A short-term competitive gap is added to many structural gaps. “In the United States, within six months, we built a new warehouseIn the past we lost eight years in Busto to get permits while we are still today In Borsano, we have been waiting for electricity from Enel for a year and a half to our new warehouse.

Party and absences

50 years of activity of Nupi, founded in 1972 by a bust Luigi Genone (who still stamps his card every day at 86), is a prestigious achievement that makes us proud and deserves a great party with staff (400 in total, of which 400 320 in Italy and 80 in the United States), but the energy crisis gnaws at it and becomes the main topic of discussion with institutional guests. Although the most anticipated, the regional economic development adviser Guido Guidesi (Lega) and his fellow researcher and university delegate Fabrizio Sala (Forza Italia), they “punched the hole” at the last minute. On the other hand, the bosto salads are not lacking, starting with Mayor Emmanuel Antonelli (which makes clear, not surprisingly, that for him it is “an honor” to be invited, for what he considers a “very important appointment”) and by the MEP of the League Isabella Tovaglieri. There is also a member of the Northern League Regional Council Marco Colombo.

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expensive energy

But after the necessary celebrations, during the “talk show” hosted by the journalist Luciano Landoni On the stage set up in the dining hall, while in the penthouse next to it the production does not stop, the concern about a complex situation to be faced is evident. Roberto Grassi, president of the Varese Industrialists’ Federation He re-releases the call he had a few days ago, when he triggered it The danger of “the abyss” on the productive fabric Region: “Energy costs are rising From 10% to 35-40% in some cases. These are companies that no longer have an interest in remaining open.” A condition that stems from “unacceptable speculation” as he defines it Ricardo ComeroEntrepreneur and President of LIUC Castellanza University. “Much worse than Covid, because at that time, despite the maximum uncertainty, there were some fixed points to work on, while now there is also the speculative variable. Europe must do something, and it must do it now, today. As a firefighter, when there is a fire you have to try to put it out, but here you keep feeding it.” Speaking of Europe, Isabella Tuvaglieri, Member of the European Parliament admits that “The result of the European Council is very disappointing. We need the courage to put a ceiling on the price of gas.”

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