Italian League: Empoli – Bologna 0-1, Fabian decides the matter in stoppage time – News

Italian League: Empoli – Bologna 0-1, Fabian decides the matter in stoppage time – News

The 29th round of the Italian League opened at the Castellani Stadium with a match between Empoli and Bologna leading 0-1. News

Bologna dominates Empoli, wins away from home, and scores three very important points in the standings. The result could have been more rounded, but Bologna only won 1-0 thanks to Capril's exceptional saves. A siege that lasted about 90 minutes, with Bologna having more than 70% of possession. There were already two sensational missed chances by Sailemakers and Orsolini, and then in the 94th minute came the decisive goal from the usual Fabian that gave the Emiliens a key win in terms of Champions League qualification. After a complete resistance match, Empoli fell in the final moments of the match. Third defeat 1-0 for Nicola's boys. Bologna consolidates fourth place and drives away its pursuers. The Tuscans missed an opportunity to get out of the hot spot in the standings. The first half was developed according to the expected scenario. Bologna took over, crushed Empoli at the back and tried to restart play. The first half ends without goals. Thiago Motta's team dominates the ball and comes close to scoring on more than one occasion. Only a brilliant Caprelli between the posts and an excellent Valukewicz in defense kept the home team level. In Bologna there is no Zirkzee but Beukema and Urbanski stand out.

Zurkowski and Cambiaggi are always very active at Empoli. In the 18th minute, there was a wonderful double chance for the Bologna team following a corner kick: first Bukema with a header, then Urbanski with his right foot. As mentioned, in both cases the Empoli goalkeeper did a good job of clearing the ball off the ground and avoiding the goal. A few minutes later, Bologna were still very close to taking the lead with Biokema and Orbanski again: first the defender closed in and blocked a brilliant shot from Caprile into his path, while a sliding tackle from Walkiewicz was decisive in Orbanski's scoring. In the 26th minute, Empoli appeared with personal inspiration from Cambiage, who evaded Boukema's control and sent it to Niang. The latter made a mistake in making the save and the ball reached Zurkowski, who shot the first goal, but he shot the ball well above the crossbar. In the end, Empoli's opportunity was sensational: Cambiage played Niang deep after a foul on a pass from Boukema, but the latter came back strong in front of the Senegalese striker and raced him into the penalty area, avoiding a goal that almost scored. In the second half, the coaches change the face of their teams with all the substitutions available to them. The second half of the big battle with the pitch became heavy due to the incessant rain that hit 'Castellani'. Odgaard and Saelemaekers do not appear to be the best replacement for the injured Zirkzee. The match heats up towards the end with Empoli losing Ebuehi due to injury, after he recently participated and returned from a long hiatus. In the 37th minute, the first sensational mistake by Marin in setting up the ball occurs with the Saeilmakers flying alone towards Capril: the former Milan player's shot is again blocked by a brilliant tackle from Capril who turns the ball into a corner kick. In the 40th minute, Fabian had a good chance, who shot the ball with his right foot after a corner kick, and once again Capril excelled on the rebound. In the 42nd minute, another great chance for Bologna, this time with Orsolini as the protagonist: a perfect cross from Christiansen to Orsolini who single-handedly shot an almost empty net over the crossbar from a very close position. In the final minute of stoppage time, when it looked like an outnumbered Empoli side might move up the table again, Giovanni Fabian scored. Calafiore concludes the usual, in a free exit from the defence, after a turnover rejected by Capril in a not entirely exceptional way, Fabian arrives from the tap and finishes in the corner and blows away more than 4,000 Rossoblu fans.

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“Bologna mourns the three angels and the mother who ascended to heaven”: This is the banner raised by Bologna fans in the southern corner of the “Carlo Castellani – Computer Grosse Arena” in Empoli (Florence) after a quarter of an hour of play, on the occasion of the match between Empoli and Bologna. Thus, the Bologna fans wanted to remember the tragedy that occurred last night in a building on the outskirts of the city, where three children and their mother died due to a fire that broke out in one of the apartments.

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