But you should always be a team

But you should always be a team

in three minutes, Moise King He turned from the threat of substitution within 17 minutes of entering – and two angry shouts cheerful – To the joy of being the man who gives the three points for semi-certain qualifications Champions In the Juventus (Which now also sees third place). This reversal is in some way emblematic of a match in which Juventus’ best and worst appeared: incomprehensible softness in the approach and sudden toughness in resisting to the end. It is a tangible, ruthless fundamental victory that helps a lot at the end of the season, Italian Cup Including. However, the image of Juventus is more hideous and less solid than the one that beat Juventus remains in the eyes. Fiorentina In the Coppa Italia and the idea that something needs to be corrected mentally. The immaturity with which Juventus entered the match against him Sassuolo It is a worrying sign. Net of excellent performance of increasingly persuasive men DionysusThe Bianconeri seemed out of focus, never realizing the value of the challenge, distracted, stalled sharply, and left Sassuolo dribbling in the face for most of the first half.

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Juventus extend Sassuolo: Dybala’s strange celebration with Bonucci

In the careful search for the guilty or misfit teams and in the formations of Massimiliano Allegri, we often forget to assess the collective spirit, the compactness, in short, whether we are a team or not. Yesterday it was not Juve: they found out the weaknesses of individuals on the field and in the head, polluting their qualities. If it is true that Juventus have pulled off the opposite feat several times this season, showing themselves as a strong and reliable team, it cannot be hidden that on numerous occasions they have made an impression on last night. Allegri ends the season thinking that Juventus is coming, while the club studies the transfer market. That’s right, because the team lacks a thoughtful midfield player, a more convincing left-back, a central defensive player and a midfielder with more entries and goals in the legs.

But be careful, because with stickers that finish albums, you can’t make the difference. And Juventus always needs to be a team, not substitute matches. It must regain the maturity that in the past 10 years has provided an indestructible foundation to build upon any kind of game and tactic. In the heated debate over ‘short muzzle’ versus ‘the game’, in the arduous debate over the aesthetics that keep Juve’s divided factions engaged, the moral and psychological attitudes of the players entering the stadium must enter. You can choose the philosophy of defense and counterattack or you can choose high pressing and forward, you can make three thousand passes or vertical pass with two, but if you don’t play as a team, if you don’t enter the right determination to risk losing (or not winning) always. Next season Juventus should return to being a team in every game and then let the fans chat about the rest.

Sarcastic, dirty and bad: it's Allegri's Juventus.  And with an extra Raspberry...

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Sarcastic, dirty and bad: it’s Allegri’s Juventus. And with an extra Raspberry…

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