Wired Next Fest 2023 in Rovereto What to follow if you are interested in science

Wired Next Fest 2023 in Rovereto What to follow if you are interested in science

Science, culture, innovation and technologybut also entertainment gather at Wired Next Fest 2023, the most famous free festival in technology and innovation celebrated this year 10 years. To host this new edition, which will take place over the weekend May 6 and 7, 2023 It will be a city Roveretowhere the public will be able to attend and participate in Meetings, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions In the Zandunai Theatre, in Piazza Malfatti, in the Palazzo del Penne, and in the Rovereto Planetarium. Entry is free, while on the event site It’s possible to sign up Find the list of speakers and the festival programme.

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Among the event guests will also find science enthusiasts spatial economistsAnd Astrophysics biology, medicine and energy, animal ecology and much more. Here are the meetings not to be missed for those interested in science.

Saturday, May 6th

On Saturday there will be a meeting with George SaccociapresidentItalian Space Agency (ASI)in extratropical and post-tropical explorations space economy. neuroscientist and researcher, Giulio Deangeli will be on stage with Emma Rezon, President of the Student Council of the University of Padua, in order to reflect on the situation of Italian universities and the cases of student suicides that have occurred in recent months. the next, Antonella ViolaProfessor of General Pathology at the University of Padua, will analyze all of these related aspects The language of science And the disclosure that appeared in the period pandemic.

What skills does the space economy sector need? At Wired Next Fest in Rovereto they talked about it Massimo Claudio ComparisonDeputy General Manager, Esvp Observation Exploration Navigation at Thales Alenia Space, and Simonetta DebepoProfessor of Space Economics Practice and Director of Bocconi’s Space Economics Evolution Laboratory (SeeLab).

The festival will be full of events every day Climate crisis and the environment: Claudia Tebaldi Research fellow at the Joint Institute for Global Change Research at the University of Maryland, H Giacomo Moro Moretto, biologist and science communicator, will deal with the environmental issue. out of effect Climate crisis on animals and plantsInstead, they will talk Francesca Cagnacci, A behavioral and conservation ecologist who leads the Animal Ecology Unit for the Edmund Mach Foundation Center for Research and Conservation, W Luca Bellelli Marchesini, Researcher in the Forest Ecology Unit at the Edmund Mach Foundation’s Center for Research and Innovation. But they will also intervene in terms of the future of food Stefano BeresiProfessor of Molecular Biology at the University of Trento. Luciano ConteH., Professor of Applied Biology at the Cibio Department of the University of Trento Sean YamChief Operating Officer of Gerber Rauth Srl.

A constellation of satellites that will monitor the environment, infrastructures, hydrogeological instability and fires in Italy: that is the aim of Iris projectwhich will be illustrated by Antonio SiscolellaDirector of System Requirements at the European Space Agency. Francesco LongoChief of Earth Observation Unit and ASI Operations, H Andrea Taramelli, Professor at Iuss University in Pavia and Senior Scientist for Remote Sensing and Surface Operations at Ispra.

Sunday 7 May

Among the scientific-themed meetings scheduled for Sunday, May 7, there will also be the meeting dedicated to steam method (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) that deals with involving as many people as possible in scientific subjects. He will talk about it Arselia Voodoo, an astrophysicist and chief diversity officer at the European Space Agency. In the afternoon he will also be present Martin Hanzik, Head of the Synthetic Biology Laboratory at the Sibiu Center, University of Trento.


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