Bancomat, the new methods of emptying your account are diabolical, watch out when withdrawing

Bancomat, the new methods of emptying your account are diabolical, watch out when withdrawing
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There are new ATM scams, you need to be careful to avoid becoming a victim without realizing it or realizing it too late: these are the tips.

pull in ATM Is it safe? Yes, it is safe to withdraw money from an ATM, but scams continue to rise and make sure you are aware of what can be a well-designed problem.

We were always told that once you go in front of the counter, be sure to cover the numbers before inserting the pin. It is certainly good advice, but today it is not enough. fraud schemes are becoming more sophisticated, So it is important to understand how to protect yourself from new criminals: you have to pay attention to the details.

First you always Search the door Before inserting the card and attempting to make withdrawals during the day the bank is still open, so you can contact the branch in case of any problems.

How to protect yourself from ATM scams: Pay attention to these details

Usually scammers Attempt to replace ATM partsso when you see cracks or a part of them that has been tampered with, this is most likely an indicator that should not be underestimated.

Also check the input tray for cards, When it has been tampered with to insert a different chip reader it usually can’t solder well. The new tricks, in fact, aim to install small cameras capable of reading the PIN and the chip capable of reading the card data in order to steal money from the account later, without arousing too much suspicion.

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Pay attention to the keypads and slots where you insert your cards – themagazinetech

That’s not all: all the ATM scams and behavior you should follow to stay safe

It could be another scam instead The card is hung at the counter during the closing hours of the branch: In this way, they aim at the desperation of people who, as soon as they see that the counter is not responding, will be tempted to leave in the hope of solving the problem the next morning, when it is already too late because the card will be stolen and emptied.

In short, what should be done to avoid taking risks with ATMs? As we specified at the beginning, withdrawals from branches are indeed safe, especially if they are made in the morning when the branch is open. Unfortunately, there are cases where some branches, especially in the suburbs, are not adequately supervised for this purpose It’s good to know if you’ve noticed something wrong with the physical cashier and if you notice any strange devices added, even small ones, that you normally would never have noticed.

In short, from this point of view it will be up to you to try and see the details: a tampered ATM can be seen through cracks or broken parts in some way. In this case, it is always better to change branches without risk: do not enter the card automatically, take your time to understand if everything is in order.

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