Tense transmission of the line to Tg1

Sunday in

A tense atmosphere on Ray Ono between the announcer and the journalist: This is what happened live

We never expected to see such a pepper exchange at Rai Uno on a Sunday afternoon. a few hours agoSee Venier NS Francesco Giorgino They gave us a really tasty curtain for all lovers of little gossip. But what exactly happened?

Mara Venier, as we know, in recent years has been losing Trabzon a little, they say. Presenter now struggles a bit to stream regularly, without slips, delays etc. The problem is that they often find themselves forced to adhere to strict rules for launching ads and external links, which can lead to quite a bit of confusion. On the other hand, when there is a more precise and meticulous leader like Francesco Giorgino, it is clear that moments of tension can arise.

The exchange that everyone is talking about in these hours is born at the moment when, in the middle of the interview with the director Farzan Ozbek, Mara Vinier is forced to release a special edition of the TG1. Mara throws it at Cassiara, as it often happens: “But is it something too short? tell me something. You leave me like this, no one speaks, but what kind of man are you? “. The sentence, among other things, is a quote from the famous show disaster eastward, when she and Katia Ricciarelli They had to quickly shut down the live broadcast from Lecce due to a storm.

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As everyone laughs, Francesco Giorgino waits for his turn to give an update on the G-20 in Rome, with a grumpy look that tells us more than a thousand words. At this point the journalist opens his place by saying: “We’re going to be very short, because we certainly don’t want to disrupt the regular progress of your broadcast.” So Mara Venier tries to speak up and greet her colleague, but this continues unabated: “My name is Francesco Giorgino and I’m the host of this special edition of TG1, the third edition we’ve been doing since last Monday and of course we’ll take the line around 4pm”.

Then Mara Venier greeted her colleague with a simple word Thanks to Francesco Giorgino, without leaving any further comments. Only God knows what could happen in the next launch, as the situation on the TG1 side appears to be very tense.

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